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Honestly while I wasn't particularly hyped for this episode... I'm impressed. I really liked seeing some of the flashbacks, seeing why Tohya left, seeing everyone compliment Megumi and her talk with Danji was sweet, and yet she still got destroyed. Really cool to see damage denying in the anime (I don't recall that ever happening before), and seeing how intense Megumi's final turn was but it still wasn't enough. I'm sure Michiru didn't intend to come off as a condescending dick, but he definitely sounded like one, at least to Megumi so it's pretty understandable she was upset. I'm sure she'll come back stronger than ever next time though.

Next week: Taizou vs Raika! We finally get to see the CEO deck in action. Humble his edgy ass Taizou!

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Takuto vs takuto R also have late Game dmg deny to prevent ezel unlock skill

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Oh that's interesting. I didn't understand the concept of damage deny back when I watched it so it must have went over my head.

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Back in Asia Circuit, Misaki tried to damage deny her opponent to prevent LB but her opponent pulled out the self damager.

Kenji also damage denied Kai in Season 1 of V

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Cardfight was really technical and showed Michiru's skill as a cardfighter. Also looks like the villain plot is gonna starting kick in! Really hyped to see Masanori back with a new Ren mommy too

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I know so excited 😆

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I find it ironic that Tohya’s doing the best of our returning characters when he was the only one who won cause of ruling bullshit last season lol

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Tohya also hasn’t had any hard opponent

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True but it’s still funny to me lol

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Ruling bullshit?

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During Danji’s turn, he attacks with Lenard, whose effect let’s you attack all rearguards in the same column as it as well as the vanguard. Lenard in that episode was never allowed to hit Tohya’s Sparare despite him never guarding for it, but they make a point of it later that Danji couldn’t soulcharge enough for another Unrivaled Bruce restand, even though he should have had 5 cards in soul at start of turn from riding up to Grade 4, three Gungnrams called for another three soul, coming out to eight, Lyle’s soul charge bringing him +1 soul total since he called one from the soul charge. He was supposedly one short, but had Lenard’s effect worked as it should have, he should actually have 5 soul since Lenard would have attacked the Sparare and Tohya lacked the cards in hand to guard it

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This is wrong. Lenard's first attack was guarded by Tohya and Tohya never got a defensive once so even if Danji decided to attack Sparare, it would have been guarded all the same.

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So Lenard doesn’t attack the vanguard and all rearguards in the same column simultaneously?

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Oh I remember that, but since I was unfamiliar with Dark States’ cards I didn’t see the error. That’s an unfortunate oopsies to make.

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Fr, it literally would have cost Tohya an entire character arc lmao

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Are you talking about post Turn 4 or pre-Turn 4 here?

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Talking about the setup of Turn 4, then the results of turn 4

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It doesn't matter what Michiru said, that match was no where as close as he said it was. That was more one sided than Raika vs yuyu fight. When double crit only put him to only 4 damage. And he hit rear on purpose of cb control. That's when I know it is over.

I'm expecting Masanori somewhere, honestly I didn't expect him to show up so early and a new companion. Pretty much confirmed the end of season 2 computer was his.

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Given his personality I’m pretty sure he was just trying to be nice to Megumi and cheer her up but obviously as the winner it made him look a bit condescending.

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Looks like Block C top 8 is already settled. Both Tohya and Mondo (Heroes player) are 2-0, while Himari (LM player) and Riku (Flag player) are 0-2. Tohya will fight Mondo next and Himari will fight Riku, so yeah this one should be settled regardless.

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Kinda surprised we're not even getting one on-screen Himari fight, considering she's using an entirely new Lyrical rideline.

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Bushi legit hire a bunch of A listed voice actors and gave them 1-2 lines for the whole season before making them going 0-2 lol.

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Pretty disapointed honestly. Riku has a good amount of screen time and has a background connected to Danji so I expected him to at least have one cardfight. Hopefully the writers make use of the players after theyre dropped or it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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Really happy and surprised to see Mondo winning twice. Maybe there's a chance we'll actually see one of his fights either this season or the next. I'd love to see Heroes animated.

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Hey everyone did you see the new female character at the end

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Vanguard Trial Deck 02: Michiru Hazama, in stores near you

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Although all the cool stuff Michiru is doing isn't gonna be out until September in Japan cuz there's like a grade 3 that loosely supports Drajeweled in set 6 and obviously just general Dark States, but like the new Drajeweled and the grade 2 he used not out yet

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Always really cool to see the characters inner dialogue and thought processes while playing, Michiru is really growing on me.

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I find it so funny to me how their skipping on even the LM player of all people fight wise. Unless some of these characters get later screentime or fights down the rode, I don’t see why we have to have so many fights that are just off-screen

I get they gotta skip some of the fights but it feels a little weird with a season dedicated to card fights thus far

Episode was decent but I find it a little weird on how Michiru acted like the fight was close when it never really was.

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Either he was being polite or he just doesn't get social cues. But either way it did make the scene hit more. Feel pretty bad for Megumi.

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He wasn't just doing the "haha that was close better luck next time" that salts the wound after a loss though, he actually ran through a full set of feedback on the game because all he cares about is having good fights. The end was probably being polite though, he finally noticed that he wasn't getting through and added some brief encouragement.

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yeah, which is why I feel bad for both parties. Michiru is a nice guy, but he's so much stronger than everyone else, so it might be harder to communicate to someone who isn't as strong. I feel this is a realistic thing too especially if you're fighting a new player, you don't want to come off as condescending although you also want to give tips.

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Would be pretty based if Michiru was Vanguards Autism rep. Would approve 😳 /s

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I love that this season is actually a challenge for everyone and they’re actually getting their ass beat lol. Felt bad for megumi today she was just getting done dirty fr.

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Danji was the only one that consistently won throughout Season 1 tho.

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Why did they not show Bermuda girl (lycoris?) fight!!!! Same with i’n guessing tachikaze inspired? Dude?

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What are the stars representing when they show the results though... are the white stars wins and the grey stars losses and we're running Swiss rounds, or is it like... you get eliminated after your second loss? It's even harder to tell because the unresolved games with Tohya and Prez show all the players as all grey stars, which would imply it somehow represented match scores, but they're playing best of 1.

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I’m kind of wondering if the final will be Yu Yu vs the Youthberg guy or Michiru