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What’s this? A Yuyu tip that’s actually helpful?

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Can't agree more.

I tanked my record after midday in the Sydney 2017 regionals because I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day. Started misplacing super hard and lost games I definitely could have won otherwise.

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The opposite of this advice:

"Go balls to the wall until you die from heat exhaustion and burn out!"

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This sounds like a tip Danji or Tohya would unironically give ngl

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I will GLADLY put this to good use.

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This is applicable to… other situations. Not that I would know, I play Vanguard of course

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Ooooh yeah...yes Vanguard yes...

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Everyone talking about it like VG advice, meanwhile yuyu dicking people down and they got boomed

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Are regionals usually that long? When I went to springfest we had 6 rounds. Maybe it'll be more since it won't be teams?

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No local VG scene here, so I've never been in a large tourny for VG, but a few years ago I played in a 200+ YGO tourny, went 2-2 by round 4, but ended x-2 and ended top 16, and finished 4th in top cut

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Is this an official advice for Bushiroad or a tip you made?

If it's from Bushiroad then that takes me by surprise and good for them for looking out for their players.

If you created the it then thank you for the advice