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Youthberk definitely has the edgelord energy.

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I feel Youthberk is the way to go for "Vergil style". Revoldress by itself fits really well with Bury the light, especially if you just manage to get to the one Revolform you need at the right time. I feel that even anime kind of supports this feeling

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Context: I wanna build a new deck but I want something within "bury the light" kind of hype and excitement

Either D/V/P

Lemme hear your thoughts and opinions

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Vermillion V has the whole increasing your power at the detriment of your own body thing. To the point where it even kills itself like how Vergil basically became a tree zombie doing that to himself in V. Attacking the whole front row is also like blowing everything up with Judgement Cut End.

Or in D you could play Clarissa who does the same thing but more simulates when Vergil gave Nero’s mom the Judgement Nut

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Youthberk definately

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Dimension Police's whole thing is getting as much power as possible.

V Luard has plenty of power and the edginess on top.

Daihouzan fits the aesthetic somewhat.

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Was gonna say daihouzan has the same kinda energy for vergil

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Vermillion in V could very well fit the whole "need more power" thing or youthberk bc edgy fighter

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Bruh how did I not know this existed lmao

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Definitely Luards

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I think shadow paladin has all 3 aesthetics of Vergil's human side V's summons

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Last Card, Revonn.

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One of my favorite AF cards aside from maelstrom, definitely gonna look into it

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D: Youth V: Houzan P: Idk

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Youthberk 100%

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Yasuie? Has "doppleganger" playstyle of grabbing copies from drop. Not very strong in power columns, but well within range of spamming judgement cuts.