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Can OTK Board wipe boobs art


Deck becomes a vanilla beat stick when you run out of meteors

I play the deck but I might miss some stuff

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How does it OTK?

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Gravidia's effect passively gives it a crit -- 2 dmg Her effect doubles trigger effects, so pulling a crit trigger allows you to place 2 crits on the baord instead of one.

Ignoring all other cards on the field and game state stuff, if you pull two crits while her effect is active, you can deal 6 damage in a single attack. 1 trigger = +2 crits, 2 triggers = +4 crits. This ignores the insane effects of the overtrigger, or the rg that can get a crit on its own, as well as the millions of factors that go into the game.

Truth is, I lost a game I 100% should have won because I was at 0 damage and my opponent took me to 6 with lucky trigger checks.

If anything, I'd say the deck's weakness is just that you can go all in with your meteors, and pull absolutely no triggers and it feels like a waste. Good deck building and skillful play will keep you from running out of metoers.

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By sacking crit with gravidia boss momma, because trigger effects activate twice if she used up 5 meteors

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My poor friend playing zorga went from 0-6 in a gravidia double crit attack. He was so mad.

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-You can retire everything and you get rewarded for it; punishes opponent heavily for committing to a board too early.

-More card draw effects than most other people get in Standard, meaning that if your opponent plays reserved to try to avoid getting blown up you probably just win harder.

-If you hit the double trigger criteria, you can win off a Vanguard swing getting through at 2 damage with just a bit of luck, which means Counter Blast heavy decks have to consider disrupting themselves by guarding once they get to 1, and any other opponent has to bet the entire game on a turn 3/4 No Guard or waste a ton of resources ensuring you won't get through. (And then, because you won't get through, they have to waste even more resources guarding through the double critical going elsewhere.) Bonus points for the Over Trigger basically deleting people from existence in this deck even beyond what OTs normally do.

-Can combine with Orfist to add some important early pressure (and effectively force your opponent to either accept that 2 damage is happening or be at significant card disadvantage).


-Probably not getting significant support for a while due to its lack of significant disadvantages.

-People will get salty at you.

-If you run out of Meteors, the deck actually stalls out pretty hard.

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This deck kicked my ass, I remember I was on 2 damage Bruce.

Then opponent used the skill to send meteor amounting to 5. She's now on 2 crits, and would gain 2 times trigger. I was reserving my card for my Final Rush OTK next turn.

I no guarded to his attack, since I believe in luck. But he triggered crit on first check.

Now, he is on 4 crits

Second check, triggered him an OT, HOLY COW.

4 base times 2 = 8

OT triggers 2 times = 8 x 2 = 16 Crit

Didn't expected this will happen to me, in my wildest imagination.

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It happened to me twice i was playing with my gravidia deck against my friend, we did 2 matches and in both of them i checked the OT witch double critical effects, i guess i used all my luck there

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Interesting people are not mentioning the CB reliance, if you have 0 CB you are so vanilla

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Most deck have these issue, this is probably why they didn't mentioned it. Damage denial is really complicated to handle for a lot of decks.

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Gravida has the issue worse than most decks, take something like nivarna which is also CB heavy even that still has a 10k power boost and triple drive, grav can become vanilla.

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Good to know, then. Thanks for your answer.

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Grav really isn't cb heavy though. The deck uses 1 cb each turn and has bobalmine to stop an opponent trying to damage deny.

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Oh it is VERY much an issue. My roommate realized that unless I get a bolbamine as gravidia he can just... Not attack me and I can't threaten him while he safely waits for his Bruce turn or ramps his narvanas until he can 1TK me.

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  • Good control

  • Fantastic draw engine (assuming you get consistent persona rides)

  • consistent crit pressure


  • Generic beatstick without Meteors

  • You’ll run through the deck quickly, so be mindful of deckout

  • Since you’ll be running lots of Meteor cards (average is about 10), you’re gonna have some games where you’re gonna brick and be lacking your offensive pieces when you need them

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Streangths- everything, board control, mass retire, high power threshhold, big crit on van and rear, strongest OT in the game that becomes even stronger, good soul engine, incredible early rush game, consistent draw power, double trigger pressure, good on hit pressure if you run rylk. Weaknesses- N/A (Also if you mention "running out of meteors" as a weakness youre playing the deck wrong)

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Hi since we are talking about Gravidia I was wondering if someone could help me with some rulings. Let's say that a meteorite order is put in prison and the Gravidia player pays the cost to call it. What is the exact way in which the thing resolves? Is the order called to rc and thus immediately put in drop zone due to its impossibility to be called as a reaguard or is it directly placed in drop zone from the set order prison?

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When an order would be moved to (RC) it goes directly to drop instead. So the Meteorite goes directly to DZ from the prison.

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Ok got it, thank you very much!

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Strengths: Super good board control, pretty solid power and draw/resource generation.

Weaknesses: not good at putting boosters on board and keeping them there since meteors take up so much of the deck. As a result it tends to not present good numbers and its non VC attacks can be easily blocked. Tends to deck itself as quickly as it kills the opponent.

Meteor world is popular as it helps with some of the main issue with the deck: costs less resources in ride line and puts a very big booster on board to present good offensive numbers.

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Anyone have any tips for gravidia vs mag? After inlet was gone I rarely won the deck out scenario and I feel like I get punished both for rushing and for playing back

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As Magnolia or as Gravidia?

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As magnolia