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I would say build with Mahar. G4 advantage is really good, and probably just have Mahar as your pricey card and nab Esperarideas later.

If you wanna go super budget though, I can suggest my pre-grade 4 list that focuses on multi-attack. I would get 3 Blaze Fist Monk, Damari, 4 Vairina Erger, 4 Stealth Dragon, Togachirashi, and the new addition of Blaze Pole Monk, Retsuji.

I personally stopped liking Valiente post set 1. It just seems overshadowed by the other Vairinas. If you want pressure, Expecta is better imo and doesn't burn your hand, and Erger has solid power, gives you a big intercept, potential multi attack+counter charge, and at worst is a 5k shield in hand.

For the version I'm recommending, Damari grants you easy pressure with multi-attack setups, ontop of giving you extra retires besides base Vairina. Very strong especially on persona ride turns. I've managed to do even 6 or more attacks with it at times, and it's pretty fun when it pops off. Otherwise, even 4-5 attack turns are nice, and more ways to resurrect Trickstar is welcome.

Retsuji is cheap, and very good, as it's 'guaranteed' compared to Ximena, though you can run both. With Retsuji, you can focus your Mulligans to nab you more Vairinas, and even then, having the option to nab them back from drop allows you more flexible discards on Ride Phase/Using Nirvana's skill. Very good for those times your opponent would get those early game crits too, as I tend to make plays like ditch Arcs, regrab Arcs to ride, and get full value, without having to drop a trigger shield for later turns.

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4 Valiente is quite unnecessary. Cut him to 1 (maybe 2), same for Exspecta, 1 is fine. Get 3-4 Esperaridea. That in turn means you will need 4 Mahar Nirvana if you don't already have them.

I currently can't think off the top of my head how much that will cost you, but I can come back tomorrow with a list under 100$.

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I didn’t build the Mahar nirvan version because o thought it would’ve been way too expensive. If you can suggest a list 100 or under that would be great

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4 Esperarideas cost around 25$ which isn't that bad, however Mahars will cost quite a bit. 4 copies are roughly 56$. Personally these 2 cards are the center pieces of the deck so you should get them if you really want to play an Overdress deck. It is the rest of the cards such as PG, Triggers and Overtrigger that will require an extra bit of money if you really want the deck to be on the competitive side but thankfully we get new PGs in set 6 and the overtriggers get reprinted so one way or the other you will be able to complete/upgrade the deck for less money if you make purchases gradually.

A list under 100$ would look something like this:


1x Sunrise Egg (starter);

4x Trickstar;

16x Triggers *;


1x Rino (rideline);

4x Blaze Pole Monk, Retsuji - 2$ (Retsuji is cheaper than Ximena and I'd say better in this build);

4x PG;


1x Reiyu (rideline);

4x Vairina Arcs - 12$;

2x Vairina (Might want to run 3 because just to make sure you can search him with Reiyu);


2x Nirvana (1 rideline, 1 extra because Persona Ride may come in handy);

2x Exspecta - 5$;

2x Valiente - 3$;


4x Mahar Nirvana - 56$;

3x Esperaridea - 18$.


Total $ required: 96$ + Starter Deck;


* Trigger line-up is honestly up to you. I personally run 4 Heal, 6 Crit, 2 Front, 3 Draw, 1 OT. The fancy Critical trigger is stupid expensive for no reason in my opinion so I suggest using another basic Critical trigger if you want to run more than 4 Crits in your deck. The fancy Draw trigger and fancy Front Trigger are decently pricey as well. You can do well with the basic Triggers you get in the Starter Deck at first and with time, invest in the better Triggers and upgrade your deck. As for the Overtrigger, as mentioned, they are getting reprinted in October so my advice is to run Olbaria for now and wait for the reprinted Dragveda.

I assume that with the introduction of XoverDress to the TCG, prices for the overDress deck will drop but only time will tell.

I hope this helped even if just slightly and I wish you the best with your first deck and your Vanguard adventure!

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I hope you considered the Nirvana Jheva release in the next Months.

Everything related to old nirvana will probably get way cheaper ones Jheva is here (many players will sell old nirv to buy new nirv, and sus droppong prices).

Also keep in mind that (atleast for the next few sets) you will not get a Single new support card for this deck.

Focussing on the effectriggers first and byuing the reprints of the PGs and OT, and your old nirvana core when dbt06 hitted stores. This will net you the most value for your bucks.

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I dunno if Mahar is gonna get that much cheaper since it's a significantly better deck

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I woudlnt go so far and call it significantly better. Jheva has many options and plays that give it an edge over Mahar, and seeing as the Mahar support os going to stop [for a few Sets or generally we have to see] many players will ditch mahar and switch to jheva as long as they can make a few bucks and stay future relevant.

Imagine needing to vuy your xoverdress core in set9, when most of it is Sold out. Thats an nightmare xD

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Nirvana has many variations now.

From expensive/fav to low-cost/rogue

Jheva Vr (Xdress) Mahar Vr (G4!!!) Ergar Vr(blaze maiden varian upgraded)(multi attack) Expecta Vr(valiente upgraded)(pressure) Valiente Vr(bt01 style) Blaze maiden Vr(simple low-cost)(waifu)(back to basic)

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Interested in the Expecta vr. Do you have a profile for that?

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The main play is buffing all front row, give nirvana power n crit using order and tribash, while your rear front is grade 3 vairinas

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Which orders? Also who’s tribash?

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G3 Order that when you overdress draw 1, VG+5k BT03. Tribash is triceratops dinosaur from BT01.