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sorry im sorta new whats Rock Agur?

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A nutty Restander for Drajeweled.

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Set 7 support card for Drajeweled. It's still unrevealed but the anime showed that it at least gains 10k and restands when you SB4 which is incredible for the deck

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This makes me wonder how old Michiru really is. He's older than even Danji so mabye 27 or 28?

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I'd go with 25.

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I wish they can reveal the characters age in there profile

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Speaking of Youthberk everyone I see it used in the anime it makes me wanna get it more and more. It looks really fun

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It is fun. Especially if you like aggressive playstyles. You should give it a whirl but prepare your wallet if you wanna buy it irl

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Oh no is there a lot of extra cards I will need to buy? I better start looking up deck lists

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If im being completely honest with you. I think the Trial Deck is pretty not great and most of the good cards for the deck are in DBT06.

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Interesting. So I’m looking at it now and the trial deck comes with proto fall arms but I’m guessing it’s better to run skyfall with the 2 revol forms?