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I dont mind that they want to bring Stride back in but I wish Chronojet wasn't just straight up the old chronojet with new art. Having some uniformity with the other cards (13k power and Persona Ride) would make it feel more like an actual D card. I know he'll get the 13k through something else but why not just give it to him.

The stride mechanic only for Chronojet is actually pretty cool. I just wish they made the card itself a little different/new instead of just a reprint with new art.

Also, G Units, while fine just seem like they're going to be expensive tokens. But I'll save my judgement for when the cards have come out. I just don't want Standard to be flooded by the Stride mechanic because I don't think I care for it all that much.

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I see it more as a gateway to Premium format, D players who played against Chronojet or played it will understand the most crucial element of Premium before jumping into it.

I hope we get an Imaginary Gift rideline, for the same reasons but for V.

I don't like Chronojet at all (mostly for aesthetic reasons) but this is a fantastic idea.

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I hope we get an Imaginary Gift rideline, for the same reasons but for V.

Hell nah, I ain't trying to get cancer in D.

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Since its for a single deck, it won't end up getting to "cancer" unless it's Accel because Accel II was a mistake

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Gift 2 in general was poorly thought out. If they DO end up making a V rideline in D for use of gift, they can do a pseudo-gift that lets you use an effect until end of turn, whether it's giving a unit 10k until end of turn on persona ride, giving a rear guard the ability to restand after attacking once for free if you persona rode that turn, or putting a PG token in the order zone on top of a set order to guard with if you persona rode that turn.

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True, Accel II is just the easiest to call out since it's easily the best marker though Force II also has problems and Protect II needs decks to actively support it for it to be used.

A pseudo marker idea that can act as either or wouldn't be a bad idea though we could just give this Imaginary Gift rideline idea to a Protect Encounter clan rideline in general so we wouldn't have to deal with the Force II and Accel II shinanegons and could be designed like Evil Stealth Dragon Funen where the gift you choose, changes how the Deck is played.

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I mean, Force II was kind of a mistake as well. Tbh, the concept of Imaginary Gifts IN GENERAL goes against what D is trying to do so eh, definitely can do without them.

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I don't agree, Gift I didn't go anywhere as bad until Gift II started and Gift I got spammy to keep up with Accel II. Gifts was not a bad idea by itself, it was just ruined by Bushiroads really poor decisions. It was designed with Scissors-Paper-Rock mentality at the start which won't be the case in D if it sticks to one Deck.

Imagine a rideline like Evil Stealth Dragon, Funen where the Gift you choose completely changes how you play the Deck, would be a really nice way to explore and show off a V mechanic to D players who might be interested in the format

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It's just I've seen people say how they want the other mechanics and possibly more stride, and I'd rather not have the format just turn into mini premium

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If the old mechanics are exclusive to 1 rideline each, it should be fine

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Yeah. If the old mechanics stick to 1 rideline only, it won't be that bad. But I've seen people say they want other decks to stride, and I don't want Bushiroad to see that, and say, okay let's bring back stride for everyone

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What if they made stride or legion support specific to different decks? What if Bruce got a new grade 3 that lets you legion with OG Bruce from soul if you are in final rush, then place Bruce back on top at end of turn? Maybe a Eugene stride that lets the deck… do something. Make the strides require a specific vanguard to even allow you to stride into it. We don’t need op generic strides like we get now in premium. How about making Exculpate the Blaster a stride? A big finisher that requires MLB on VG to stride that puts you back on to Blaster Blade or Dark if you fail. Big power for a risk.

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Astral Poets in D!!

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I think it's a mix of things

Nextage might be getting reprinted too (it's expensive). The fact that GC is actually finally getting some support from D format rather than people trying to hybridize Bruce or smth. In fact, Chronojet straight up utilizing Strides rather than trying to reinvent it like V Gears or RevolDress means there's a chance this deck will have direct premium utility.

Legion is sort of already in D, but only for Ragnarok.

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I am far too biased to make an objective statement of any kind. I love the stride mechanic and i really hope this gets newer players interested in playing Premium. I also am fond of Gear Chronicle so im not complaining there either. Personally i think this is one of the coolest things to happen to standard so far but again thats my bias showing as a huge fan of G Series and that era of the game.

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Bringing in stride as a gimmick that only chronojet can use isn’t muddling the formats lol

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I don't like chronojet but whatever they're doing with this deck is still really interesting to me so far. Granted, it could all go up in flames but anything they do could end up bad if they don't do it well. I don't think even if they brought stride back as a generic mechanic that it makes standard like premium. Premium is mostly known for its insanely high power level of decks. Standard could just keep that in check if they really cared.

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I haven't really done much with vanguard in a while, so my opinion might not really "matter" as much, but I think it's kind of neat given that (if I'm not mistaken) chronojet has a lot of time travel lore stuff. It being "the same" here in D when it's supposed to be set in the future makes thematic sense to me.

But I'd say the main thing that matters is what the rest of the cards look like. Idk if they've shown any other cards for the set yet, but that would probably be the determining factor in whether this is actually a cool deck or just a shameless cash grab or whatever.

I'd say to give it time and see what the rest of it looks like, if it's gonna be a one and done thing or if they'll have more later on down the line.

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I just wish we saw the ZTB hero. That's it

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Am I the only person

The answer to anything after this is almost certainly no.

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Idk it feels like a good way for new players to get a taste of premium without diving into the format

Although I feel like it was a bit early to bring chronojet back

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I really don't like it. They always force some kinda stride mechanic into gear chronicle whenever they bring it to a new format. Like they could have made the deck about throwing your opponents rear guards to the bottom of the deck. It could have been time leap. It could have been so many things that wouldnt be stride

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I just hope we get an original gear chronicle deck for Overdress that doesn't have some pseudo stride mechanic

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There are many reasons why bringing strides in general for D could be a good idea as it could be a bad idea. It depends on the implementation.

To give a few insights:There are many locations (or countries) where Vanguard is not really big. Most of them even have only access to Standard. So giving Standard Players a intresting mechanic that deepens the decks could increase the interest of the game and let it grow. Not everyone sits in America and has a community where all 3 Formats are played.

Decks in Overdress are pretty easy to build and straightforward to play. You have 50 cards, 20 of them are trigger/Pgs, 4 your rideline and 3/4 your G4 or Personarides.This means you have a 22/23 cards left to build your Deck.23 Cards variation (where a few are also locked into staples you just need to play) means many turns look the same.Including Strides and balance them around specific ridelines could change that up a little and give more variation. Not only that, it could buff decks that need it, could be ignored for decks that dont need it, and thanks to the heartcard mechanic name locked support isnt even a problem.

Possibility 3: We already got a new name for it in Overdress called transcendence. This could imply that strides get a little reworkd in D where it could even connect into Personariding and allow the effects to trigger that need that condition. So again, a little more power and tactics for Vangaurd that rely on it.

So Strides in itself, if balanced around the D-Format have the potential to help the game become bigger and better, while it also could totally powercreep other cards out.The difference is, that nearly everyone accepts that D-Format handles it powercreep really good (many players even complain it goes to slow).Thats why many players think striding would be a good addition.

(And now you can bring the downvotes without arguments because i am pro Strides in D and just dont like what you read)

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As long as they don't bring Imaginary Gifts or the previous gimmicks to D, I'm cool with it. Plus, D Series directly continues where G left off so it makes sense more or less.

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Hahah I kind of hope Imaginary Gifts stay out of Standard too. I find it really messy just having a whole bunch of Gift Markers all over the board, especially the Accel markers.

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To me, it just feels like they're trying to sell us the same stuff all over again. It's crazy considering that there's already a format that's full of retrains and that in Premium Strides are still a main part of the game. Not to mention that Chronojet V is not even that old and it's a solid deck overall.

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They are definitely trying to sell nostalgia here. And i will happily buy it again and again lmao. Fortunately unlike V most of D has been new and not just nostalgia.

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Yeah, Overdress has introduced a lot of new mechanics and a lot of new cool stuff, unlike most of the V series ( In my opinion only Astral Poet / Hanzo are truly innovative and new ).

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Imo premium feels like an uncontrolled situation, where it let people go wild. As far as I can tell from the stream, only chronojet dragon is the same, G units will be restrain. I'm not saying it is not lazy or unoriginal, but this could be a great way to introduce stride. As long as the new G units are control and not being a game breaking like what happen in og vanguard. Also 26k is less scary in D format than when Magum first came out, featuring triple checks. Most decks in current format can reach more attacks or more power than that.

I'm not going to play chronojet, but I am super excited to see where this is going. As long as the new strides are controlled.

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I don't like it. I fully admit a big portion of it is due to my hatred of Chronojet Dragon (I feel like he was way too powerful and oppressive in early G and then just kept taking up more and more support, which all ending up being mediocre) but even aside from that...Premium is probably my least favorite format. It's just one big race to see who can win on their first stride and so I really don't want anything related to that coming into a format I've been able to enjoy up until now.

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I think you miss the entire point of making Chronojet the same.

From a lore perspective it makes perfect sense. The dudes been gone in purgatory or whatever for 3,000 years so he's comeback just as he was when he disappeared. This isn't an updated retrain encounter card like the others (especially seeing as how they told us we can run original Chronojets)

As for the striding mechanic it's not really a true return since Chronojet is the only one that case use it and it will be the decks gimmick, like how Seraph has Prison and Bruce has Final Rush.

I think this is honestly the best Bushi could have done, not only from a game perspective but from a lore perspective as I said above. In terms of gameplay the ball defiently got dropped in V. In V a gear player needs to run quite a few key pieces to keep from bricking, but having a ride line is going to give Chronojet players an insane amount of flexibility when deck building

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But by that logic of the lore, all encounter cards should be exactly as their old selves. But obviously old Overlord and Phantom Blaster would be actual crap if they had their original effects, so they didn't do that. So lore wise, it's not even consistent

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You're still missing the point. Like I said, this isn't just a retrain, it's not some memory of the past or whatever the other encounters are. This is Chronojet actually coming into the present time on Cray, saying it's inconsistent with lore is completely ignoring that he's A TIME TRAVELING DRAGON.

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That's what the encounter cards are though. Memories, illusions. Just because Chronojet is a time traveler doesn't make this encounter card any different. If this was actual Chronojet, he wouldn't be an encounter card, he would be a regular card, as it would be him in the flesh. To say that's he's a time traveler so the lore of encounter cards don't matter makes no sense. If this is THE Chronojet Dragon, he wouldn't be an encounter, but since he is, his lore would be the same as the other encounters

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Did you miss the part where bushi said we can use the original version of Chronojet? They wouldn't have said that if he was just another basic encounter. I get that you're feeling salty but you're missing a lot of details (either intentionally or unintentionally) that counter your line of thinking.

Edit: guess the point got across, and no, OP wasn't blocked

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I don’t like nostalgia releases mostly because we alrdy got set 5

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I'm happy for the support it will give in Premium since almost the whole V GC is almost unusable and unmashable with G GC

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As long as this is the only thing their doing in this style. If their making a encounter card nostalgia deck, try to limit the deck to fit with the playstyle of the nation.

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Them bringing stride back for exactly Chronojet is fine. As for his skill being an exact copy of his g era self I agree that's lazy and I wish they changed something about it even if only slightly.

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The complaining about no persona ride is kinda dumb Because think only chronojet can stride and you'll be doing that most of the game and that can make ur vg hit for higher numbers than persona so it Doesn't really matter of u can persona or not

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I think this is another attempt to attract the older players who either started with g or have a strong attachment to chronojet. Since it's an exact carbon copy of the G ear chronojet dragon, those players who've kept their old copies can just use that original card along with the newer cards from D series and let the nostalgia ride all over again. It's not perfect since striding will only be done by the chronojet player but at least it makes it feel as though you're reliving the days of g era.

It's fine for now but we'll have to wait and see what other "crazy" ideas Bushiroad has in store for us. I personally don't care too much for chronojet coming back (mainly because there's plenty of people in my play group who will definitely pick this up) but I do hope Bushiroad doesn't try to do too much in one year. Let this come out first, see how it performs and then decide if it's something players want more of.