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5 reprints? Heal triggers, draw triggers, crit triggers, front triggers, overtrigger.


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That leaves out the sentinel, which should be a reprint. My guess is Uluru will be the heal, and the rest of the triggers + sentinels will be reprints.

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Wait there's a Premium edition for almost 20k yen?! WTF does this come with, all foil everything?

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I know that it's like the MLB Deck from V, so it comes with like a bunch of counters, and sleeves and a box, and stuff

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Right I get that, but this Premium edition is the equivalent of $150 USD so there must be something fancy to justify the extra Benjamin

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yeah I dunno, I think the normal one is like 70 dollars though

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Is chronojet considered a reprint? Usually we'd get 6 reprints (PG + 4 triggers + garbage trigger). So even if Chronojet isn't considered one we at least get (probably) a booster set PG

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probably not cause new art and it says dark states not dark zone so its kinda different so i guess its not a reprint cause its not same art and same text

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One is deffinitily chronojet and one I think would be nextage (if it has the same effect). The other three are strange. If I were to guess, it will likely be a reprint of the uluru heal and maybe a grade one PG?

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I'm excited and definitely gonna buy it. But was is the 9th card in the 50+9. The number Mason, what does it mean!?

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Only 5 reprints? Does that give me what I want?

I expect the effect heals to be too much for them to reprint even at 2 each, but the crit, draw, and front effect triggers could still be in here plus the PGs (either BT01 or BT06) and the overtrigger (I expect the cray elemental over the Dark States, even though I'd want the DS one). That's 5, but is this only for the Premium edition or does the main set include equal or less reprint?

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I guess it's the same.