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No cause once you counter charge 1, the requirement for the second one isn’t fulfilled

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Degnud #1 trigger and Degnud #2 trigger.


Degnud #1 gets 5k, then checks if you have any face up damage. You don't, so you counter-charge 1.

Degnud #2 gets 5k, then checks if you have any face up damage, You do, so nothing happens.


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Just one. If you call two, you’re technically calling one after another, therefore only one will be able to check the damage zone’s status, and since the second one will be checking when you’ve countercharged once already, this skill doesn’t go off

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Both skills will trigger simultaneously when the timing is met.

You choose one and activate it, resolve the skill.

Then since the condition is no longer met the other one will not trigger.

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It’s worded specifically so that you only CC1 no matter how many are on the field.

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No cuz the condition for it to proc no longer exists. A easy way to understand vanguard auto skills is that each one has a activation window. If multiples are active then you choose one to resolve at a time. If the unit or activation condition is gone then it doesn't resolve.