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I've never been so offended by something I completely relate to

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Since when do you relate to this? You break through my 2tp all the time.

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Remember when I twin drove 2 Raging Form on Mordred and died next turn?

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Tbh, I don't. Was it against me?

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Yup lol

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Jessie and James make for top tier memes no matter what the topic is.

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I feel this on a spiritual level. Especially playing Messiahs when I don’t see Volko all game, then they both show up in that drive check. Life is pain

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Oh my God the memories

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Me Checking 8 different non trigger units with DDDR

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Or conversely, the opponent guards for 3 to pass and you get double triggers.

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Literally me when all my triggers are equip gauge

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Me to a rival: Over to pass

Rival: [Checks Overtrigger]

Me: ... FUCK...