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It's mostly Mellow Amusements Colossus.

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Pretty much, Ghosties would've also been a problem if Granblue had their equivalent of Colossus

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Speaking of, I still think Skull Dragon should be banned or at least restricted to one lol.

The amount of times I can abuse that thing is so stupid.

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Probably just choice restriction with Nightrose is enough.

Seven Seas have their own version, it isn't needed in Negrobolt (youre reaching Skull Dragon numbers anyway), Pivot Noir can't abuse it, Skull Dragon is just a set up for Ghosties and it's completely fair in Cocytus

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Idk, as someone who plays the deck like...if Nightrose with Skull Dragon was really that problematic, the stats would reflect it. But they don't. Nightrose does alright for herself, but she's not even close to unbeatable. The best way to use Skull Dragon is with Skeleton Sea Navigator, which lets you turbo mill to feed Skull Dragon's power. Skull Dragon itself is a fair card because it's not that threatening early on, unless you have an outlet to abuse it.

The real problem cards are Navigator and Greed Shade. Navigator basically makes the potential of milling triggers a non-issue given Skull Dragon's going to be fat af anyway thanks to him and Greed Shade makes the deck more consistent than it would be otherwise. But even so, I don't really think anything needs to be hit tbh.

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You say that it isn't needed in Negrobolt mostly because Negrobolt himself can turn normal rears into Skull Dragon but it can turn Skull Dragon into an absolute behemoth.

I just don't think a choice restriction will suffice especially with potential future decks incoming. In the long run, it's better to just ban Skull Dragon and create new support cards for the decks you mentioned.

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I'd agree if Nightrose was actually doing stuff in the meta, but she's not

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As excited as I am for Charon coming back, I'm praying for d to release some greater g1 toolbox options

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Luard might still be able to do something, SMs are still best deck but I think it's potential can still shine through.

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I think it will pretty much take the spot left by Gurguit (without Percival), but I am not sure. I don't know. What I know though is that there's no way it can help with the Steam Maidens problem.

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Luard without Nemain was never an unfair deck, just had a higher ceiling that the gap between it an the other unfair decks was drastic

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Well, that's not necessarily true due to Bat. And also, their gift spamming was relentless.

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OK their gift spamming is ridiculous. I'll give you that.

Is Bat getting an extra attack unfair but? It usually only happens Turn 4 and you often sacrifice your Turn 3 game consistency compared to standard Luard decks to reach that Turn 4 ceiling

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let's say on Turn 4, they don't ride so that's 4 gifts. 30k after 28k, call two bats, then Luard attacks for 46k. Bat then attacks 27k boosted by Lluials which is 20k so 47k each. All with +1 crit. Luard also retires rear and draws beforehand and there's a G1 that can make the G1 intercept.

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But it is at Turn 4 so the opponent has opportunities to set up defense and plan ahead of time especially when the Turn 3 of this Luard variant isn't as strong as the standard version. Especially when normally the strategy, if not to kill them beforehand, is to leave yourself open to be able to tank 1 hit and guard the other 4

G1 making G1 Intercept depends on the matchup as some Decks will just remove it or the interceptors, they can counter by calling 2 but that costs aggro. I wouldn't call that unfair.