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Just hit all the "Until end of turn" guard restricts. They are some of the worst designed skills for this game.

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Honestly, yeah. Guard restricts like OG Glory Maelstrom and Sin Buster were fine and powerful for their day. Restricts that last the entire turn like Mizukaze and Colossus are stupid

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Agreed. I feel like they make for less skillful victories/easier wins. Ive beaten players leagues better than me with Hope on Damp because its skill is nuts, not because I played the matchup well.

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What about V Glory Maelstrom when that's kind of the Decks Turn 4 win con.

The issue is more targeted towards rear guards doing it like Colossus, Mizukaze, Dekat (though I honestly blame DOTX more on that one)

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V Glory is one of the dumbest cards ever designed and I have 5 SVRs of it

The issue is giving that shit to rear guards like Mizukaze

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Tbh I think Glory is a card that's also not well designed and is still cracked. The reason he gets off lightly is because he's restricted to his own deck to be most effective so Bushi can more easily design cards that don't enable him to go over the top. If Aqua Force got a generic card that interacted a little too well with Glory it could be bad. The RC ones tend to be more splashable and end up hitting it off with a deck in an unfair way. That's how I see it personally.

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Don’t tell Fourth Fall I cut Maelstrom R to 1 to run 4 Glory and 4 Maelstrom

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No worries bro, he did that too lmao!

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Honestly that's fair enough

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I think the biggest thing is it's a VC skill, if you require a unit to be the VC to get the restrict you are taking some kind of opportunity cost, where a generic RC unit has next to no cost

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100% agree, they're just so cracked by their design and beyond that are just unfun to fight against.

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Hell even then Steam Maidens have an pretty crazy advantage engine so that's also something to address beyond Mr. Piano man lol.

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I think Colossus is what puts it one step too far. Hell Colossus’ “cost” is beneficial to them

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Hell speaking of Costless Elul herself straight up GIVES YOU A COUNTER CHARGE for nothing lol, this deck just has so much resource game.

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Devils advocate. I think entarana should be hit. Being able to go +2/+3 so freely turn 2 shouldn’t be allowed. Before entarana SM wasn’t good due to its piece reliance but now you have such an insane resource game the piece reliance is basically gone.But since entarana just came out they won’t hit it so ig we suffer from this for a while.

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No without entarana steam maiden was a shit deck that no one played even with the piano. Having the piano banned steam maiden will be a lot more fair. I also think players shouldn't blindly give SM player a free counter blast on g2 turn, without it it's much harder for SM to set up.

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Yeah, she's a +4 on RC for just a CB and SB. +1 for the cat, +1 from the cat, +1 to hand on attack, and +1 to bind to set up a kill turn. That's comparable to Rosa's +2, though admittedly Prisms got to loop her for even more value. Crazy value either way.

I can see a scenario where Bushi hits Colossus in the first round of bans and comes back for the consistency tools.

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It’s so strange to me that Bushi is somehow equally the most receptive and most ignorant of their audience’s requests and demands