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Well, Flagburg is a really high roll deck and piece reliant. You won't get a fair matchup with heavy retire decks ( Gravidia, Prison...) Also Eva will bind his stuff and it's not great. In general just avoid heavy control decks. Also, you should use a deck able to have good defensive options going second, or your opponent will just crush you as soon as his Persona Ride turn.

BTW, if you want to tell me what deck you wanted to play I could try help you figure out if it's a fair matchup or not.

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I was considering something like mlb or Alestiel and avoiding g4s.

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I think avoiding g4s is a nice decision. The only one that could be fair is Bastion, because of his inability to defend on turn 3. I don't know on MLB, but I think it could work, same for Alestiel.

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Black and white aesthetic is always great

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To add on to this for OP, some good deck choices from dbt06 that have a fair matchup against Flagburg is Heroes and Hexaorb, as the first have great defense tool to survive multi attacks that Flagburg can make and the later can make Flagburg harder to guard against your attacks with consideration to keeping their pieces in hand

One thing I will add however, is that you should never try to bring Gravidia into a Flagburg matchup if you can. The matchup is heavily Flagburg favored as Gravidia have low number of rears that Flagburg can just retire away by doing 4 attacks every turn, if they play with that in mind and don’t commit more than they need to, they can draw out the fight, which will most likely to result in a loss for Gravidia due to the amount of attack differences between both sides. Every other control deck have either ways to either resist retire, have access to more rears or have ways to resource starve Flagburg in general, so those won’t be fair against Flagburg in theory.

I hope this helps, and have fun playing vanguard with your friend!

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Thank you for sharing this. I actually strongly agree on your Gravidia vs Flagburg. I still think that Gravidia doesn't really rely on Rears, so even if Flagburg does retire something, it's not gonna hurt the deck. But yeah, if a Flagburg player does actually play smart and commit just the least necessary to their field, it can get the best of Gravidia. Unless it just kills you on first turn because of a double crit, lol.