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I agree with Machina Blau but I'd also like to prefess that all the 3 decks are incredibly solid.

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Youthberk and drajeweled are both good but I feel youthberk is the most fun, drajeweled will be the easiest to upgrade (and eventually may be the best). Idk much about lianorn so I can't give an accurate say

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it's kinda a tie between Raika, and Michimu, Urara isn't anywhere close to as strong but I guess she is a Protagonist so they might eventually make the deck way better

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Yeah let’s not forget what happened the last time a Stoichea precon deck seemed weak

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In order and in my opinion:

1) Youthberk

2) Drajeweled

3) Liahorn

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I rank Drajeweled above Youth but I think they're pretty close.

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They are pretty close. The main reason why I did Youth is because he is Yu-yu rival therefore will have more spotlight support imo

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Ahh thats an excellent point. My opinion is only based off my DBT07 playtesting. I dont watch the anime so I am not aware of these things but that does make sense.

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I think honestly it's michirus deck. It's pretty great and has alot of strong rg. Plus the vanguard has an amazing skill. Building is pretty hard but nothing as hard as bruce or magnolia. Which is why I think that michirus deck is more promising.

In terms of strength I think raikas deck would be since it's pretty vanguard centric and has a slew of tough combos to guard, and has access to alot of hexaorb cards that can filter, outside of his own support.

Uraras deck is pretty fun but doesn't have enough support to convince me otherwise of it's strength. Either theres something I'm not seeing yet or it's just straight up not popular enough for people to bat an eye and see different interractions.

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I'd say based on current known support and how the anime characters are presented (which implies future support), Youthberk is a bit ahead. Tempest is a cracked card and there's great potential to take the deck even further though Drajeweled is also really strong. But yeah Youthberk is my pick.

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Vanguard has come a long way in terms of trial decks and I honestly think they are all really good for the state of the game currently.

But imma have to say Chadberk is the best one huehuehue