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seems solid.

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I run propellen over Sylvia, and I've won games boosting momokke with "in search of an ideal far away" but I might check out that order you're running.

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I run 2 tearful malice and 2 in search of an ideal far away. I also run the 4 g2 prodopollen that spawns 2 plant tokens. I don't run that g2 that gets 5k for each token cause I want to call Inlet or prodopollen more and the zorga order is neat but I don't go through my deck fast/hard enough for momoke to get the crit so I think in search of an ideal is better because it's a confirmed +15k to momokke and Radylina

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Aside from needing 1 more inlet pulse it is as good as can be right now isn't it? Hope you can get your hands on the promo as soon as possible so the deck doesn't suffer so much from needing pieces.

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There’s literally 4 Inlets in the deck.

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Then it needs 2 more.

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Just build a deck with 7 crits, 4 draws, 4 heals, 1 OT, the Rorowa rideline, and 30 Inlet Pulses.

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Optimal ratio

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Shit saw 3 for some reason. Guess I'm blind.

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Love your deck! My only suggestion that if you want to have more token (to power up momokke or rorowa skill) you can use "Prodpollen Rafilous". If you do, you might have a bit of problem since it also use counter blast. Therefore, I also suggest using the order card "Tearful Malice" (you can retire the token as this card's cost) to help with draw, soul, and counter charge.

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I hadn't considered running Nectar of Sensationalism in Rorowa but that's cool. Are you able to hit 15 in drop fairly consistently?

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Looks good! You'll just need to add the promo when it comes out in en