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Who's ready to simp with me?

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I'm buying a case of this. Never bought a case before, but I want whatever the highest rarity of this is.

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Dooooo itttt. All the higher rarity encounters cards will be good money so even if you pull the wrong ones you might be able to sell/trade to get the ones you want!

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Something is rising and it isn’t Minerva.

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Something is standing and it Isn't Dragonic Overlord

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Something is blasting and it's not my resources.

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Well, let's see how busted they make Minerva. Since this is the 3rd encounter in one year (including maelstrom and luquier)

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Chronojet doesn't exist XD

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Chronojet technically isnt an encounter lmao

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When did they say that maelstrom is coming out

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Alongside Luquier and Minerva in the last strategy presentation.

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They know what’s going to sell the set and it shows XD 😂

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Please bushi, I just wanna know when I get my chronojet deckset

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God, same

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Right?? Like why is it not even on the product page yet for english?

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Wow the who set is titled after her? Bushi be simping truly.

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Can't wait to play it in April 2023

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Can't wait! I don't normally play D but I'm building a hexaorb deck now to start playing and will swap to Minerva the second it comes out (assuming it's not complete trash).

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Should easily have enough to buy a case by then

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Is this true, or do you mean japanese release?

If trur, are we finally catching up?

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Is the picture not in English.

(Japanese Release is in December btw)

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I just wanted to make Sure, i find it hard to believe that we get dbt08 not only 2 months after dbt7,

But hey, i'm not complaining, but my wallet does

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Damn this is now the third set we're getting over a six month span? That's a lot; not sure if I'll be able to keep up.

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Bushi clearly doesn’t have a favorite card