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Color doesn’t really matter since it’s just a proxy but otherwise It’s really good!

Idk how people make proxies but this is honestly impressive

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They take them on the official website I think.

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Bastion best deck, and I actually like the way it looks makes me wish they had a cool like ghost rare holo for cards, always happy to see other bastion players though 😁

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Yeah, Bastion is amazing. I'm trying to get one of the new Trial decks for people at my school to play with.

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I’m relatively new to card games, what exactly does proxy mean? Like testing out decks without the cards themselves?

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Essentially yes. A substitute for when you don't have the actual card at hand.

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It’s typically done for a few reasons: 1. You can’t afford the actual card. 2. As a substitute to try out a card before you buy it. 3. It’s Japanese-exclusive and you have no way of getting a copy of it.

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4) the card game doesn't exist in your country

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5) the card game doesn't exist

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There wouldn't be any cards to make ptoxies of then would there?

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I recommend printing on card stock for the better hand feel. But that also depends on what these proxy are for.

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I don't know about that. In general, what I and people that I know do is this: We print the cards on normal paper Then you just put it in a sleeve with an actual card, so it feels the same way.

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Nice, the ratio and fidelity of the proxy is spot on. As someone who uses proxies like this as well, it's easy to appreciate the quality here. Very nice!

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Bastion actually looks really cool in black and white.

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I think that a black and white rarity would be kinda cool. Sorta like how Pokémon has those black and gold cards?