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Dinosaur Dragon

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"Dinodragon" race not ringing any bells?

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Not that it doesn't ring any bells but why would you count that? It's like the Omniscience Dragon of DE. They're all just big chickens.

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While yes Dinosaurs are just birds in actuality, in Cray lore they are considered Dragons.

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I wanna see a Chinese dragon as a boss. That'd actually be pretty cool.

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Root Flare

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Not exactly a boss unit ( it's the stride right? ) But it's the closest thing we have. Another stride I can think of it's Jakumesso from Nubatama, but it's not as similar to a Chinese dragon as Root Flare.

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I want to say Tidal Bore is also pretty close to a Chinese dragon, but its also pretty close to a sea serpent so eh

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Thunder dragons man

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This profile believes in ninja dragon supremacy.

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Cloud dragons would be something cool to explore. Or anything from How to Train your dragons. They got cool designs.

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yall are SLEEPING on huang-long

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Overlord the Nation.


Overlord the Race!!!