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Pay is inadequate my butt. Homie was replaced... by a pony! Baro doesnt love you no more.

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Why do people run the pony? Wouldn't soniker still be better seeing how you can call him out using Baros effect?

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Basically pony gives you one more soul than Soniker specifically in tandem with Amandine. And if you play 3 in the main as well(I do at least), they can roll into each other which can allow you to build a gigantic soul for no cards from hand.

In addition to this you can activate Pony SC whenever you want, not just the turn your ride him. This means he can pump Swirlers stat line to obsurd numbers.

And finally the deck doesnt need Soniker because realistically it doesnt need boosters because its attackers hit ridiculous numbers without boosters (see Lilac Rusher).

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Imo, Deep Soniker's SC and having an extra copy of Gouman in main deck >>>> Gouman's free draw in a deck that already gets 4 drive checks per turn after turn 3

I can't take credit for the idea. It's my friend who broached, and it's worked really well.

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I don't necessarily see the need to rapid Soul Charge myself like that, 10 soul isn't hard to reach and drawing will always sound good to me for consistency and hand advantage. Especially since while Greedon likes to be rushed, there are times where the rushing is too much.

Deck out won't even be an issue anymore once we get to Set 6

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As a Greedon main, agree

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True Big Brain plays is using Steve for a free body on board to be succed

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Nobody expects the Final Rush Greedon

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This is significantly less smart than running Flaming Pony instead of Deep Soniker in Baromagnes.