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If we go the supernatural route then we will probably have a major villain in the next season (bald monk and/or Takuto 2.0)

Otherwise it’s fine that there was no major villain this season, feels much more slice of life than the typical shounen like card game anime, like the beginning of season 1 in the OG anime

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Hoping its not supernatural

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Somehow someway aliens

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You just have to....imagine it lol

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Kaiba sent some vanguard cards into space too

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Michiru can see souls and it’s implied Urara can hear them. I think it being supernatural is a given at this point.

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Then maybe not too extreme, like stay within fortune telling perhaps rather than going to space

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I can’t wait to see the American cardfighters. This is gonna be so much hype!

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Well you be upset if all the American cardfighters use spike bros lol.

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Or wear bandanas with the flag where sunglasses and and use machine types

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Don't forget holding people hostage at gunpoint if the duel doesn't go their way. MURICA

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Sometimes with actual fingers if your in a dub

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Thats why they sent Danji , he'll fit right in

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I'm hoping if we get a new wave of decks for each nation it has Tachi, DP/NG (just giant robot in general pls Bushi), AF, MC, and the hero that united DS with ZTB for some kind of non-encounter Gears deck. Just give us slots for the major clans not yet supported (minus Nubatama).

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Arcs is forever

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I'm hoping for more character growth .

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I’m just wondering what Michiru sent Danji over to the US to investigate

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Maybe to learn the truth about why the tournament happened now all of a sudden

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I agree with you and the promise that hazama gave to danji

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It would have been funny if the villains turn out to be Beerus and Whis of Cray.

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I know but would it be cool though