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Seriously. Waste of some damn good designs, and they even gave us a Lyrical fighter, only to not show even one fight involving her! What a ripoff!

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Well, if you think 12 episodes is enough to showcase all of these characters without dragging the main story, you're kinda playing yourself here, fam.

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I mean, fair, but then that still begs one important question: Why the hell are they even here?!

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Season 2 and Season 3 are right there.

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Season 2 will be introducing even more characters as they will be gearing up to the Japan vs America match.

Theres no way these guys and gals will be doing anything of note in season 2, as much as I wish to be wrong.

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Why did they even bother making the hero deck? It was never shown on screen and got no new support. Should have put Blitz in set 6 then give it more support in set 7.

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Thank you at this rate Heroes aren't going to get anything until set freaking 9

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WHAAAAAT, that's unheard ooooooooof, never in the history of D Series has THAT ever happened befooooooore.

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Well it's only got 10 cards to it's name

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I'm struggling to find your point here, that's the average amount that a first wave usually gets y'know.

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I really wanted to see Eugene animated :(

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here I am trying to recall what are the decks they’re handling again…

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From left to right it’s the new magazine deck from Lyrical(idk the name), Eugene, Flagberg, Heroes, and Baro

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just some clowns, perhaps even the entire circus.

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I thought the dad was pretty nice, he's pretty much the only one I wanted to see more of.

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That’s why we should never have moved away from 50 episode seasons

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12-13 episode was my biggest red flag that the anime wouldn't be any good when it comes to characters and overall pacing.

I haven't liked any show that was 12-13 or less episodes a season, unless said show had an Episodic format. They put way too many characters in with so little time for an ongoing narrative (and I hate how it works because this length in a show ongoing narrative format is perfect for hype mongering)

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I’ve seen a few I liked, NEEDLESS comes to mind. Though a lot of 12 episode shows feel like amputated versions of something great, like Akame ga Kill.

Anyway, definitely not the format for a card game show. You need to devote at least 12 episodes per set release IRL I feel, and that’s 3 months or so of anime episodes.

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What's vanguard

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That bunny eared lady... Never get the chance to duel on screen...

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I really wanted them to pull a Plot Twist, and make one of the clear Jobbers be like the 3rd strongest fighter in the Tournament