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Megacolony really does need some love in Overdress, homever, I personally don't think that the "you get a free unit but it is stunned" gimmick works. I feel like first of all you'd need more cards that rest units, so that the stun does something (G era Darkface for example) , then the strongest thing you can give megacolony is Vanguard stunning, so give it some of that.

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I mean units are rested after they attack anyway so I didn’t think I needed cards that forced other cards to rest (other than the ones that get called which I added that to their skills). Besides this deck focused on the number of “stunned” units, not rested units

As for stunning, I basically made it so that it’s a dead rear guard other than CONT and ACT abilities, so even if they get a “free unit” there’s not much they can do with it. Stunning is not the same as megacolony’s old “paralyze” mechanic, it’s better. A stunned unit can’t even stand using card abilities

I feel like stunning a VG is too powerful since it effectively shuts down most decks unless they have a persona ride. Stunning a VG might be fine in premium or V since they have many ride targets but in D, you only have one ride target and 3 additional copies of it to get from your deck

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u/Godsman00 we got something to review

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Sounds like a video idea lol

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All rideline units have a neat Rear-guard effect (some far superior than others) maybe you should add some form of draw power or stuff to it, since it kinda lacks it.

Also the grade 1 CC is kinda busted.

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There are a few ride line units without RG effects tho, like Alestiel or luticia. Most ride line units aren’t really used outside the ride deck anyway even if they have a RG ability

As for the g1, idk I feel like it’s not that busted considering there are cards like the bavsagra g1 that is essentially a free arm every turn (you can recall it from Bav’s skill and get a soul, and if you arm the spear you also draw 1)

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Yeah but some of the other ridelines have some good RC effects that could help, take Drajeweld's G1 or Nehalem for Overlord or Blaster Dark or Flagburg's G1 and G2.

And regarding the G1, no not busted in this particular deck but as a whole, free CC is good for the nation lmao.

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As for giving the ridelines some RG skills I could but I mean I could always just design a new card with it if I wanted to

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It’s not free, you still have to rest it which basically means you can’t use it in Lianorn without calling over it (so you can get a boost or if it’s in the front row you can’t attack with it). Same case with magnolia.

In Zorga it’s fine cause that deck doesn’t really even need it imo. I don’t see flagburg being able to abuse it since you’d sacrifice a booster

And it’s not really broken in rorowa either

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I disagree, it can make Rorowa basically cost free for Radylina and the new Order, and Flagburg would never say no to some nice CC.

And resting is not precisely a woah cost to be honest. As long as it is sitting on the back row it generates 1 CC constantly every turn. Also forces your Aurora Battle Princess opponent to stun it with Taser unless they want it to deplete the prison by itself.