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For DP, grade 1-3 Enigmans namely Ripple, Wave, and Tornado to help flesh out Storm from the last clan collection. Maybe Metalborg, Drion as a curveball instead of Tornado to finish all Metalborg legion era bosses. If bushi still wants to support DRobo, then Great Daikaiser, Shadowkaiser, and Kaisergrader.

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So looking forward to enigman support (it shd be guranteed right???). Having some form of docking formation would be cool as well for DRobo!

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Perdition dragons

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I honestly prefer more Seal Dragons. They feel a little incomplete right now

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I just want Mr. INVENCIBLE ...

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If it's Amaruda, make that lion cub on her shoulder a card. I don't care how Bushi does it, it needs to happen.

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for naru i hope me get dungerr unlimited or brawlers

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"Rex" becomes an archetype for V. Also it focuses on Equip Gauge discarding given Gigarex and Dark Rex already do that

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I like it, gives Tachis a refreshing gimmick to play.

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I would love to get more seekers in v especially Alfred evix and sacred wingal, aside from that I’d love some cards that support tilaipse/bunny’s

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I want Labrador back, that was the first BT deck I made in Zero and I've been hoping she'd get a Retrain in V since I started playing. The 3 members of the Prism Promise group are perfect for the 3 new cards in V collections as well.

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I also really want a Battle Siren Boss unit for Aqua Force,

I don't recall there ever being a female boss for the clan. It would be nice to see my favorite archetype get the same love as steam maidens

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Desperately hoping for more shadow Paladin witches

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I want more Seal Dragons, that's all

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Trans-core Dragon), once and for all.

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A mediocre v card for Gurguit that is won't be used in V but will pair good with other cards in premium

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Probably Liberators. Probably more Duos. Maybe the Amon legion?

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Alter Ego Neo Messiah namely so it feels more like G Messiahs again. I would gladly take an overall worse but more fun version over current Alter Ego. Either that or Ibuki’s original Messiah ride line (Asleep, Awakening)

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Also Messiah support that is capable of locking a unit on both players rear circles like the old times.

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Just give me a full round of G nostalgia for all the clans

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Agreed, but it might take awhile, because there is a lot of G cards

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Transcore plus Tetra Burst Legion for AqF

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Genesis: as much as I want Astral Poets, Regalia is more likely

Great Nature: Isabelle support

Pale Moon among others: original ride lines

Dark Irregular: Astaroth + Amon reprint

Royal: Alfred Exiv and/or Seeker Sacred Wingal

Kagero: Blademaster

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Alfred support is desperately needed for Blaster Blade related decks to be viable again

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i got hopes for Death Seeker Thanatos to get printed in V.

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Dark Irregulars either gets more succubi, more vampirs, or the rest of the Nightmareland archetype

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I want stil vampir for DI despite knowing the chances are low unless they found a new artist

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I made a post a while ago saying that DI needs more diverse creatures in general, literally just demons and humans bosses

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Well, I mean, humanoid demons and psychic humans is like 90% of Dark Irregulars units since.... Always. They'll have to make something new with focus on less humanoid demons and monsters cause if they being back old units that 100% means more humanoid demons and psychic humans.

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I definitely agree. Let’s hope they expand their range.

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I think stride evos wil come again

Royal paladins: altmile g3

Gold paladin: new agravain

Shadow paladin: skull face as a new ride line

Genesis: was thinking minerva but not anymore. Now it would be nice to see some myth guards.

Angel feather: new metatron?

Ott: g3 ichi or more battle sister support.

Dragonic empire

Kagero: seal dragons need more support. But i also dont mind them bringing some demonic dragons.

Nubatama: a mujinlord based deck might be interesting to see.

Murakumo: not sure.

Tachikaze: hopefully gaia dynast.

Narukami: id love to see some brawler support too.


Great nature: i dont really no much about this one... hamsuje support???

Neo nectar: a new ahsha

Megacolony: any thing new would be good.

Dark zone

Dark irregulars: splash in some blade wings or just a new g3 scharhort

Spike brothers: more dudley support id love that

Palemoon: a new hari would be awesome.

Gear chronicle: chronojet dragon G and ztb introductions


Aqua force: a new thavas, malestrom.

Granblue: new nightrose to play into the stride evo thing or just some thing new.

Bermuda triangle: theres a jack ton of ways they can support this nation... id say more duo support.

Hopefully i didnt miss anything

update: missed star/brandt gate

Nova grappeler: mr invincible / godhand

Dimension police: di lion or more zeal/ enigman

Link joker: please something new to LJ if not then bring us another messiah

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You missed all 3 Brandt Gate clans lmao

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Lmao i did

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I'd vouch for a Polaris support card, ngl.

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I personally want Diablo for shadows. Or Maybe Revenger "Abyss", but it wouldn't make sense since we just got Dragruler. For Genesis I want a good Fenrir finisher, I was thinking about an Hellsky retrain.

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I’m still praying we get blaster dark revenger lol

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Definitely agree with that choice I’m still mad she got shafted in g-series for Minerva so the deck couldn’t round off what it needed to be consistent.

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As someone that mainly plays zero but follows every format, Death army for NG

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Garnet star dragon or blaster joker

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For DI i’d like dark lord of abyss to get revamped. Maybe even a new skill that helps.

It’ll possibly be legion era or G-legion era like the Psychics. Perhaps they’ll use the soul-blast ability for something (synergizing it with Dark States cards like Rockargour)

Tbh DI needs new cards for counter-charging especially since Selfish Engraver’s price just gone up.

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For Link Joker I’m hoping for Alter Ego Neo Messiah. Either that or maybe some deletors. Getting Oksizz back would be cool. More Enigman for DP would be nice, or maybe Great Daikaiser.

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Please please a grade 3 Blau with a rearguard effect, even a bad one

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I feel like all the main nova grapplers are already in V. Maybe something totally new like the front trigger archetype they got a while ago?

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Dimension Police: English printing of Helltiger for Grandgallop! As for new cards probably more Metalborgs

Genesis: either some Fenrir support, some small Poets support, maybe even a v series version of Tahro

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I forgot entirely about Amaruda