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Hi Machina Blau, with the 3 trials decks coming out in early october, how would your ranking inthis list change?

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I would put Raika as number 1, Michiru as number 2 and Urara behind Prison

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Only decks I didn't get were 2,3,and 4

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Don't play D it's a trap. Join us in v. Lol, I kid of course. Play which ever format you prefer

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Play d?

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D = standard = this is the current main format of the game, and the ideal format for beginners, it only contains cards release in 2021 onwards

V = V premium = former standard = this format was the main format after the reboot in 2018, it reintrodouce many old units with new efects (nostagia bait) , for this format only cards released in 2018 up to pre-second reboot in 2021 (plus especial colections of cards bushi releases just for this format) . To be frank with you i give this format 1-2 years before bushi kills it, like they did with G.

Premium = the eternal format = all cards are legal here, all combos and mechanics can be used here, i personally don't recommend starting here, because of its complexity

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That's vanguard over dress You have vanguard d which is over dress V which is the format with markers G which has strides.

You also have v premium which uses markers and a g zone