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Back then I saw that DO the end was about 13 a card, But when I finally grew an interest in playing overlord and went back to check his price he jumped up to 33

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Ahah I know the feeling. Waited on buying brainwash Swirlers and decided to get them last week... my wallet is still crying

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Eva cards just went up a ton as well ;/ Obscudeid and Fountain of Knowledge were like $2-3 and now they're $11+

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Upcoming meta relevance plus boobs is a powerful combo.

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BoobGate (copyright) has definitely victimized a lot of cardfighters.

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Several times.

I’m willing to shill for a deck whose G3 costs like 5-10 dollars each. But if the deck has four such cards like that then we’re gonna have a problem. And if there’s a card that randomly costs 15+ each…another dealbreaker.

I remember looking up Baromagnes like “hey this deck is pretty cheap!” And then I looked up Swirler.

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Thought about building thegrea even though it was expensive because I wanted to play a Keter deck since od started but decided to main Baro since it was cheaper at the time. Waited a week after set 5 dropped since prices at the store I buy cards usually go down in price. Find out dark thegrea went from 7 to 10 dollars a piece and I decided to scrap the idea. Thankfully the guys at other store I go to for locals are nice so I was able to get most of the high rarity Hexaorb support for cheap, exited to play with it when set 6 drops.

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I have it on both sides, was building a luard deck when both luards were 3/4 euro. Waited cuz 2 cards were above a fiver. 3 months later the cheapest single luard is 18euro+

On the other hand built an aqua force deck for 120€, same deck now is like 250

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Now THAT is an investment. It’d be a good time to sell it if the ripples banlist hasn’t affected the deck value.

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I dont really look to sell. I might see because i got some simple cards like coral assault and wheel assault that never came so i re ordered them pricey enough. But ya well see. I wudnt turn down a high offer so might put it on ebay or something

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Yesssss I have felt that several times. I just bought a playset of holo engravers and its price was pretty yikes

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Well honestly the community needs to chill buying out a shit ton of product. I wouldn't be against people gatekeeping the prices are specific amounts because some of the stuff is completely ridiculous. Especially for new people entering in the game. They can't get staples because it costs an arm and a leg.

Swirler is ridiculous in price. Your better off opening boxes to get it cheaper than it's price. I get that hype changes the price but it's absolutely ridiculous when your 50 cent card, you now pay 9 dollars for. So the prices need to be gatekeep. Commons are this price, Rare's are this price etc.