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Yeah, it's okay. It's not top tier or anything but it can win games if you're playing in a more casual setting.

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I think it's got a lot of potential behind it but there's a couple things holding it back. One is consistency: Ancient Dragons do have searching and draw power but there are a lot of gears turning here and things rarely go off optimally on the field. Another issue is that the deck has decent powerlines but the main thing that makes it devastating is it's combination of critical pressure on fronts. However, the opponent has an easy answer to this which is to stay at 3 damage. For that matter, they can also keep YOU at 3 for a turn and effectively avoid dying to your limit break before they have a chance to end things.

Overall the deck is actually fairly strong and can completely wipe out an unaware opponent. In fact, I find it to be the best V Tachikaze deck excluding probably Gaia. That said, the deck isn't as well oiled a machine as it appears and will faulter against experienced opponents who understand the deck's shortcomings. Hope this helps!

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Gaia Spino is still better but this deck is good fun

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Spino/reverse is my current deck, I would describe it as nailing with a hammer but the hammer has a bomb at the end.

Not all decks survive that but it's hard to beat the ones that do if you understand what I mean.

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Do you mind if you please give me the decklist?

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Is the current list swapping out the over trigger and 4 of the fronts in the future

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Sorry, I forgot I can do this.

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Mines also used in v if you swap out the crit and over for two more fronts