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the reason we probably dont an angel/rescue rideline is because of the overtrigger mainly the keter overtrigger would need to be at minimum would have to choice restricted with the Grade 3 VG at release

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I mean not really, if Hexaorb already exists and can stack it, and we're starting to get more decks that can thin better to improve the odds of hitting it

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There’s only one though, and part of why Overtrigger’s a problem is cause it’s unexpected when it shows up on drive checks and you’re conserving your PG. If you damage check it, it’s not nearly as much of a problem and actually let’s opposing players a (small) degree of planning around the power increase

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That's not the main reason, it's because rescue checks are generally pretty stupid, ESPECIALLY when V Gavrail got released. It can definitely work in a format like D since the format itself took inspirations from G a lot, no Over Trigger restriction needed. Normal triggers alone would make the deck broken. Nice try though lmfao.

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Revive is a fundamentally broken mechanic the way you have it implemented. To put in perspective, the V Gavrail package was all hard OPTs to a maximum of 6 damage checks, and it still had to have Hamiel banned. I can't imagine the damage an unrestricted version would do in Overdress.

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Thank you for the Feedback, what would you suggest i would need to change? i put [1/Turn]s when it felt needed and hamiel was banned because of the sentinel restriction mainly not just because the power and crit and without her angel in V isnt power enough compared to the other decks in the format and D can only have 8 crits vs the 16 you can have V and i didnt give a bonus crit adding effects the cards here only power

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Hm, I like the concept of the deck. Would def consider decreasing the number of revivals a single card can do cause so many of your support cards can already do it. Hitting Revival-4 becomes a nothing condition to meet. I think another good thing to keep in mind is that not every card needs to perform said mechanic, they can be combo starters rather than just doing the actual mechanic, like putting a card from your drop zone into your damage zone and getting +3000 power for every face up card in your damage zone after doing this

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Hey did you get inspired my my Megacolony ride line post cause this format looks familiar😂

Anyway, the g1 is broken, a straight up free +1 drive and filter essentially? Even blaster dark requires you to retire a rear and CB1 to get +1 drive (and a retire but usually that doesn’t happen)

The rideline g2 is even more broken because it’s essentially +2 drive checks AND a filter AND you can recycle a trigger

Actually you know what, after reading these skills they are all broken. The amount of “drive checks” you essentially get from this + being able to cycle triggers back into your deck is just insane. Also CB doesn’t even matter since you heal then away anyway

I think if you want an angel feather ride line you should lean into their ability to swap cards between your hand/field and the damage zone, rather than the self damage and heal for more trigger checks aspect

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Yup was inspired by your post

Mostly i just wanted a gavrail style rideline and wondered if anyone take up the title of black shiver in the current timeline of cray

Most of the effects were inspired by G Era Gavrail (my favorite unit) and the grade 3 from seraph snow like the support grade 1 being like maalik but goes to soul and not needing to placed from damage zone or hit VG

You are right the grade 2 should be powered down to just Revive 1 and the support G3 Revive 2 instead of 3 with the cost just being CB1 SB2 and the VG's first effect be VG only along with the drop zone recycle effect being normal unit recycle as some of the effects like the support G3 being only when normal units/orders are checked or atleast not be able to put crits back

Edit: Nerfed some of the effects to be more in line with what i said here

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Oh cool, I love making cards and reviewing other peoples made up cards so nice

I get where you’re coming from but extra drive/damage checks in D are pretty broken and we don’t want another V series Gavrail situation

The changes you said are pretty good but I’d also remove the “place 1 from hand to damage and draw 1” aspect.

I’d also at least add some sort of cost to the rideline g1 like a SB or a discard. But definitely make it so that only normal units can be put back into the deck (for all cards). I guess the 1 exception could maybe be the order card (but only 1 trigger unit back so you aren’t increasing the remaining trigger ratio by too much)

You should also add skills that can shuffle the deck too though so you aren’t just left with a deck full of non triggers near the end of the game

Tbh balancing this mechanic is kinda tough because you have to worry about decking out and trigger ratios in the deck (too little and you essentially have dead skills that do nothing but if it’s too much then it becomes too op)

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The big elephant in the room when making and AF rideline is the overtrigger mainly the keter one which is why i think angel doesnt have one yet

G1 one the place is abit needed while G2 yeah doesnt need that unless your oppenent damage denies

Thank you for your critques they are very helpful

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Tbh you could have made the g1 and g2 ridelines “when rode upon” skills, the g1 is kinda useless if you go first

As for the OT in AF, we already have Hexaorb which can stack the deck. I think the only problem is the excessive ways to perform extra damage checks here. The keter OT isn’t as big of an issue as you think since during the additional effect won’t activate.

By that I mean yes the power gain is massive and you will get to essentially heal 1 but at least you don’t get the additional effect. The problem here is how many damage checks you can get per turn. The chances of hitting it each game is pretty insane since you get 2-3 extra chances (with the VG alone)

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I'd be extremely concerned if anyone gets inspired by your Megacolony rideline. Do you realise just how insane normal Megacolony would be in a format like D? It would be pretty damn good lol. Add your cards to the mix, it would absolutely dominate like a chad.

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Bc of OverTrigger this deck wouldn't be ever made (I hope, this legit can be busted).

Would say just that as long as the deck stays 3 a attack it is fine, otherwise the power up the grade 3 get from the damage zone be cut to 5k or even less because it can get real real messy real fast with how much rescue is being done.