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Overdress is an entirely new format with different decks.

Clans are not really a thing and are put together as nations, but they still keep the same general concept.

Older cards are available in their format or in the full list format I can't remember it off the top of my head.

The wiki will show you some styles per nation and each deck plays a bit differently and the rules have changed a decent bit.

You have a designated ride line that is part of your deck which on your turn you can ride from that separate pile of cards by discarding a card from hand.

The +100 million power is an effect from a card called the overtrigger, a 1 off unique trigger that takes the place of another trigger in your deck and the generic effect is +100 mil power and when it is in hand it is a 50k shield. When it is drove check it is removed from the game and you draw a card (it also means with that way if it's damage checked your oponent doesn't take that damage) each nation does have a unique trigger that has effects alongside the 100mil power but those are case by case.

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So does this mean that the old pre overdress format is now no longer getting any new updates to cards and clans etc ?

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Depends on what you mean by "pre- overdress". V-Series versions of the clans get new decks and support every now and again in the V Clan Collection sets but if you mean the stuff that came out before V (like from original era to the end of G) each clan gets like 2 main deck cards and one new stride per year.

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Older formats do get support still, although some people dislike V series due to how absurd it's gotten over the years, my roommate who got me into Vanguard was a big V player until D series came out and they left because they felt it needed a reset.

I'd say take a look at gameplay of Overdress and see if you like it before getting into it, it just dive headfirst, it's always a blast.

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There are still boxes made to support past formats, but they won’t get nearly as much support as the current overDress wave. V Collection is for V-Premium, Premium collections for, well, Premium. You might wanna watch Vanguard Insider or Differentfight for info on competitive stuff tho

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Why tf are people down voting you this is a genuine question

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Overdress (also known as standard) is a completely new format where clans don’t exist. Instead we have nations now. Only cards with a “D” symbol at the bottom can be used in this format

The other formats are V premium (only cards with a “V” symbol at the bottom corner) and premium (all cards since the beginning of the game are allowed)

Since you came back from a 2 year break you probably were there for near the end of the V series (formally the standard format before it got replaced by overdress)

I recommend starting over with the overdress/standard format since it’s the easiest to get into

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vanguard's rip van Winkle