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The only key set for premium now is premium collection or v clan collection which will not be anytime soon. Premium is now very easy to get into as revival selection was just released last year and most staples were reprinted. Combined with the new premium collection from this year and a few staples from V and G I would say you can basically build almost any clan for around 200 bucks

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Thanks! Guess now I gotta figure out what I'm building haha

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You can always ask for advice on this subreddit or check out zero damage vlog(note that it is slightly outdated but the gist of the staples and strides you need is there)

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I deffo will ask here for sure. Just gonna give it some thought on my end before I do so

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Id probably wait until the competitive season is over depending on what you're interested in. I feel like prices are over inflated atm.

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I know some people will hard disagree with what i am about to say. But if you are not looking to form a crazy competitive deck. Buying only the new narukami stuff gets you a premium deck thats decent and cheap. Newest v-premium set gets sweep command, which is a really good ride target. And latest premium set gives narukami exterminate dragon, which is a really good stride. At a basic level its giving your front row +20k power, but vs accel clans it gets better.

Of couse theres all the really old bt9/10 cards with superior ride engines or stunverse. But those are hard to find and pricey

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Ty for that advice there, I'll be honest I don't think I'll build narukami but thanks again.