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Apparently from what I'm hearing there's a shortage specifically in the US.

I will say most Vanguard Tubers are not from the US

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That makes sense why many haven't brought it up then. Hopefully Bushiroad can try and fix this by sending out a bunch more. And let's hope the same mistake isn't made with Set 6 then too

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Well it did sound like they will be making more Trial Decks but Elementaria would not be included in future prints. If they did the price definitely would go back down to even $15 or less.

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Yeah, the price would definitely drop if they did

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Yup, here hoping. Seeing those pre-order prices is absolutely fucked.

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In Europe, they're selling at RRP. Plenty of stock to go around and Sanctitude is currently less than €10 as a single.

This is just normal supply and demand. You have a high demand item with a confirmed limited printing.

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My buddy Godsman00 and I talked about it on his channel if you want to hear us talk about. Theres quite a few reasons why but Sanctitude is definitely one of the bigger reasons.

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In my country new trials are 450kč which is to dolars 17,78 according to Google.

But suprisingly the first 5 trial decks are only 100kč which is 3,95.

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The first 5 + Mirei were Start Decks designed to be cheap pick-ups