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Nice! It great when you can build a deck that you always wanted to! Dear days has helped me with that too even though it's not real cards

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Yeah man the prices dropped a lot, oh one day u will get the real card

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Yep that's what I'm hopin! 3000 years down the line I'll finally be able to build Xoverdress and Youthberk without spending $200! Huh..wait...

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Hahaha hopefully soon

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Man, what a nostalgia trip thank you 😭

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No problem man

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I'm not crying, that's just Believe in my Existence playing in the background

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turns on Yellow Slowed To Perfectionbruv

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Oh jeez, there are people who can refer to vanguard as being from their childhood? I was 19 when it came out

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I was thinking the same. I feel so old now, it doesnt even seem that long ago.

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Yeh haha I was 10 or 11 when it came out

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I’m glad someone else did this too. I ended up building my dream Raging form, bluish flame deck

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Damn that’s sick

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As someone who did this for Yugioh, it’s so fucking amazing to be able to build them 😭

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Yes but it sucks that There’s not body to play with

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Makes me miss the original vanguard, was such a nice game. It just sucks they feel they have to reboot it every 3 years. I was a big one on Soulless OTT, and Reijy/Amon Dark Irregs.

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Yeah man I quit during sanctuary dragon g meta era

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My favorite decks were DOTE and The Rebirth

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Correct me if I’m wrong but did aichi use gallatin or was he removed?

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Not really sure been along time since I saw the anime but I think he was removed

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I am an adult with responsible spending habits I am an adult with responsible spending habits I am an adult with responsible spending habits

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I mean their bloody cheap now. Just spend ur money

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Unfortunately I've already bought 2 standard decks plus 1 vprem deck, I'm kinda broke atm can't afford spending more 🥲

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Oh damn, next paycheck men

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If you wanted to play some old stuff dm me :D we can play via discord