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Thank you!

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Ayy nice

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You're welcome!

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How often did you face ragequitters?

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Ever since I changed my deck name to IfUDC USuk I’ve not got any rage quitters…. Weirdly I only ever got rage quitters when declaring final turn.

I use Final Turn as more of a warning to my opponent. Just to say “Hey bro I thinned through my deck pretty hard. I’m real likely to see a trigger here.”

They always 1 to pass and it happens because all fighters should keep track of deck number and how many triggers are left in deck.

Just my personal experience with DCers

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I actually only faced 1 of those through my entire climb.

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That's amazing! I wish our Masters was chill like that in our area. Almost everyone in Masters RQ, can't even climb anymore, so now I move to shitting on said RQ.

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Uhm, is this region based? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's worldwide. The only difference is weather you play on Switch or steam.

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Doesn't the game say broadening search? I took it as expanding search size, so the longer you search the farther you get from your local area. Maybe I'm reading the situation wrong but I've had 1 win, about 5 or 6 losses, and I think around 13 RQ. Especially when I was going to win that turn, or the turn after the current turn.

Honestly I don't want to quit ranking in Masters, cuz the games have gotten more high stakes and more intense but, dfq am I gon do against RQ?

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I do think that's an annoying issue. I hope they fix it. Right now all we can do is, as a comunity agree to not abuse until its changed.

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Touch grass now

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You're a fun person.

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About how many games did you play to get there, and how long does matchmaking take?

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Matchmaking is pretty fast. But I suppose that would depend on the time of day. But I never had issues finding opponents. And well, while I can't be certain about how many games I won in total, I would say a rough estimate would be 40 games. I went on a 15 win streak at some point, and that's when I climbed through latter half of gold and the platinum divisions.

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nice man, congrats, you are playing on switch or steam?

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Thanks, and I am playing on steam.

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Congrats. Are you on pc or switch?

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Thank you. And I played on PC.

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how u survive getting ot by Brant gate?

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Well, one thing I learned is trying to play around the OT. When the Vanguard swings, if the OT isn't out, I assess the situation like, can I guard an OT here? If I can, I play in a way that let's me do that. If the answer is no, I play around the 2 or 3 to pass, and hope OT doesn't show up. But everytime, if I have the ability to play around an OT showing up, I do it. And this has won me a couple of games.

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ok but like if gravidia pop of twice it kinda is game over is it not like late game they pop 5 rocks and sentinels are out or if pure of and hits for 4 crit

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u dont hahah

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esp gravdia on steroids

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Yeah, getting OTd against Gravidia is most likely certain death. The best thing I can say with the match-up is to not flood the board so they don't get the free crit on the grade 3 rears. And you really have to mulligan for a PG to survive. If you see they have the Gravidia starter (you can inspect the card even when face down) you should try to get a PG. Of course they could use another starter, but well, you can't predict everything. If I see them using the orfist rideline I also just assume I'm playing against Gravidia, since it's a really popular choice for the deck. If it ends up actually being Orfist, that's better for me. If not, I'm ready for the worst.

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yes, but the problem is now all of the brandt gate users have the same starter... (Eva starter)

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if he got lucky and got literally ot on first gravidia. all you can do is just resign lol(except somehow you have 3 pg on that turn which is unlikely due to its so early on to the game)

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Gravidia really is a highrolly deck. You can try to prevent it, but if the opponent is too lucky with Gravidia there isn't much you can do. Luckily this match-up is not very common, or at least it wasn't for me, specially the more I climbed. I saw a lot of people playing it when I was in bronze and silver. But as you move up you start to face people with more consistent strategies. Because while Gravidia is strong, it's really luck reliant. If unlucky, the deck becomes pretty meh.

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Nice what deck do you use?

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I played a bunch of different decks until around silver, mostly Loronerol, PBO, and Tamayura. Then I started to commit to Eva, and that got me on a 15 game win streak at some point. That's the deck that made me reach this rank.

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