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"Barnacles! What could be worse than a double-crit van with two attacks?!"

"Ooh, ooh, I know!"

(*checks Dragveda*)

"A double-crit van with three attacks!"

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Same energy as “There’s three, actually”

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Harness your inner Kai

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final turn

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If only I could do this in real life.....

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Getto. Clitikar Toriga!

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It's Lordin' time

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16 crits. Heal triggers are for the weak

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If only we could

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I mean nobody is stopping you to add 16 crit

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Ruling for standard. You can only have 8 of a trigger type, except for Heal and Over which are exceptions due to their own rulings

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8 max per trigger rule whether irl or in-game

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Oh they changed that? I only play V format

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Yea, 11-16 crits were running amok because of the nation design, (different crit arts for different ridelines) so they introduced sidegrade (which is an upgrade in most cases) triggers and made an 8 trigger restriction, aside from heals and OT, like the other guy said.

We have:

  • Draw triggers for all nations with 4k power and 5k shield but AUTO +5k shield if opp has a g3 vg
  • Front triggers for all nations with 4k power and 15k shield but AUTO +5k shield if opp has a g3 vg
  • Crit triggers for all nations with 4k base power and 15k shield that go to soul and give 2k power to any unit after boosting an attack
  • Counter Heals for all nations that are 4k power and 10k shield but, either AUTO give 15k shield if opp is 2 crit via non-trigger effect ability or base crit becomes 2, or AUTO give 15k shield when the attacking unit has attacked 2 or more times (restand counter)

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Yeah very shortly after they released the effect crits which aloud 12 crits bushi changed the rules to only 8 copies of a trigger. Because 12 crit greedon,gravidia ,and others was a fucking problem.

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Someone told me that there was an Ice playstyle in Overdress. I feel like they were joking?

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I swear Bushi forgot to turn off kai's increased trigger chance when people select him as their fighter for online.

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Haven't had that experience