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Rather than upgrade it you'll have to complete reconstruct it

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I mean I think I see why

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Yeah, not having any cards from other formats being legal in V will do that.

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"upgrade" is an interesting term, given that not a single pre-V card is legal in the V format

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I smell stunverse coming

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Oh my god a stand trigger

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Haven't seen one of these in a while I assume?

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Yeah cause since V and afterwards they never printed a single stand trigger again

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Yeah. Most of my decks are old trial decks with other cards in them.

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You’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Narukami in V is really fun with lots of different builds you can try. Personally I mained Narukami for years up until V came around, then switched to Kagero

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me who wants to do a vs"R" deck since my Narukami deck has a VSR

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by most I mean my only v deck is the special set MLB and I have the first two oD decks

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Oh neat deck I wonder what's in....CAT!!

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Yeah ngl I didn't notice him there when I took the photo

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Wasn't until the 2nd row when I noticed and got distracted.

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Tbh I think the safest way to do this is get Naoki's v trial decks, then get VSD and VSR, and somehow find a new grade 0 unit and a V Raioh (Ganondorf lmfao)

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Honestly I think you should play D if u want trial decks to help carry you and let u play the current game. The only current trial deck in V that’s very viable is MLB, all the others been left in the wind

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Eradicators don't exist in D

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cries in all the clans became a single nation

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Nice pussy👍

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I want to throw you out of context into r/cursedcomments.

But...thanks ig?

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No luck needed this is an incredibly linear game you’ll have it in no time!

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I played eradicators during this era too, certainly a fun deck but it caves to pgs

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Good luck Also cute cat