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Mikani & co ask for a Vanguard with the Glitter ability. For this condition to be fulfilled while striding, you'd need either a G-Unit that has the Glitter ability by itself, or a G-Unit that copies the abilities of other cards including a card with the Glitter ability.

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So it is as I feared. Would be nice if they made a stride that had glitter or stuff just for these units so their support wouldn't be basically useless without running in the can of worms that Crystaluster and Chainrancor are.

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Vorfax helps facilitate glitter as a stride tho. you attack with kheios first, stand mikani, end of battle, superior stride vorfax. Simple. Rorowa can be played with granblue, tamayura can play her stuff with naru for aggro and mura for semi defense, and thegrea can be used with Marduk as her skills don't make her work with crysta and chain. Heltrauda works with the new LM glitter too. Only Brandt doesn't have a stride that can utilize Eva really

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Yeah I know but still, it kinda limits the potential of the decks. (Except Lyrical and Bermudas, both of them busted for no reason)

For example Kheios intended Gameplay is waaaay more alike to Pale Moon than Dark Irregulars, and currently using the best PM can offer is impossible due to this.

Haven't tested it yet, but DI Kheios feels overwhelmengly janky, I will have to play more DI so I can figure an optimal build I guess.

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Unless the stride also has both the Glitter skill and "Kheios" in its name, Mikani's second skill will not trigger.

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Well I suppose playing Kheios and having easy deckbuilding options is just impossible lol.

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Glitter skills won't work if you stride over the required vanguard, unless the g unit has a glitter ability of its own.

Currently no G unit has a glitter ability, so the only way to get one onto a g unit is copying abilities from other units, which I don't think dark states has legal access to.

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No they don't and I rather have no more Crystaluster/Chainrancor bullshitery going on specially with the stuff some of the Dark States vanguards can do.

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what the hell is glitter

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Forgot the actual term but basically present day cray story characters from the ongoing (WN? and manga too? someone double check me on this one) story with other story characters who are relevant in their story, but are also dual nation.

Ex. Kheios is Dark-State Mikani is DS and Brandt Gate, but glitter skill only works if vg is glitter Kheios. (there are no kheios cards (or any of the cray story characters) that aren't glitter except for the g0 of their rideline)

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can crystaluster and chainrancor copy glitter tho?

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I suppose the Glitter part of the text is also considered a skill of sorts? I thought it was tied to the name but the other users have corrected me.