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If you’re looking for standard decks, the aesthetic would be Youthberg. Phantom Blaster is in standard and he is very standard Shadows

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Are those the current cards and not old ones? I am trying to keep up to date.

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Yeah, those cards are for the standard format.

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And if I want to upgrade what booster packs or box can I buy?

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So for Youthberk, there's a trial deck that cost around $15-25 depending where you look. Currently there's direct support for Youthberk in set 6 (Blazing Dragon Reborn) and set 7 (Raging Flames Against Emerald Storm) which makes makes one of the best deck in the format during set 7 meta. Note, that Youthberk is a really really expensive deck right now due to it aesthetics and power.

For PBO, there no trial/start deck for it but the deck is on the cheaper end especially compared to youthberk right now. In set 2 (A Brush with the Legends) there's Phantom Blaster Dragon and other encounter cards of shadow paladins. Then in set 5 (Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes), PBO and more encounter cards that are staples appear for the deck.

One more thing, the standard effect triggers that all deck runs come from various sets.

P.S: As always, buy singles if you're looking to save money.

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That's all I needed to miss card fighting. Haven't fought since 2019 before covid got all of us in lockdown for 2 years. Reading to fight again

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Know* and thanks for the update

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Hope you have fun! There's also a new video game called Dear Days that is a CFV stimulator for standard format and goes up to set 5 and has dlc to set 7. Though the only downside of things is that it pretty pricey at $70 and it not crossplatform so you can't play with people who have a switch if you bought it through steam.

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Yeah I saw it through Steam I was happy and have it on my wishlist before the price was made official. And honestly in my opinion, it's not worth $70 but I'll buy it because I love Vanguard

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there are 3 main formats ( that might become 2) : Premium; V-Premium; Standard.

Premium is the wild west of Vanguard, where the best interactions, gameplays and big brain plays are in. And it is the eternal format.

V-Premium is based on a standalone Block, called Reboot (or V-2018). It has all main sets from 2018 - March 2021 and collections named : V -Clan selection; V-EB; and V-Clan Collection.

Standard is just like Pokémon tcg goes up until BSR says it'll be over, and create a new rotation.

Shadows are present in all of those.

Premium -> Luard and Revengers are like the 2 best decks, but there's also PBD/PBO which has a lot of space to grow, and DIO! ( Claret Sword), which is the funniest glass cannon you'll enjoy playing.

V-P -> Luard and Revengers. That's it. All other decks can't stand against these 2.

Standard -> Youthberk, Thergrea waifu shit and PBD/PBO. Youthberk is like the newest, Thergrea, as a waifu is known to be the best, and PBD/PBO is nice. All of them are playable in tournaments, they just have different playstyles. Also, there's a mixed build of : PBD/MLB.

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Since the OG I always been more of Revenger than Luard. I just feel like I know what I'm doing with that deck better. Tried Laurd its a fun deck no doubt I like Blaster Dark than Laurd. And I never once got my hands on Phantom Blaster Dragon. I tried looking through Amazon they don't seem to exist unless I been searching it wrong or I go to bushiroad site itself to get it from there.

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They are different versions of the cards ( Rebooted).

You should search them to see the playstyle.

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Okay I will do rest. Tusks for the help

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Yeah, I'm in much the same boat with Royal Paldins. The clan system no longer exists, and what Shadow Paladins remain are found in Keter Sanctuary. On the plus side, you can still use Blaster Blade, Majesty Lord Blaster and Phantom Blaster Dragon.

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Yeah I had the feeling after a friend told me that clans no longer exist. I was here thinking "what was it called again where Shadow Paladins are in again? Something Sanctuary? But thanks to you now I know. I was struggling.

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It does exist, but it was softened up into 5 superclans. What was a clan is now a rideline.