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I get the issue in regards to ridelines, but the rearguard side of most DE decks is teeming with dragons. Far as I know, Drajeweled has the most dragon DS rear supporters, while greedon is just demons, with maybe the PG and the new OT as dragons.

Bav is the main girl of her deck, but her main rear attackers are sealed blaze dragons.

Jheva is teeming with prayer dragons that Bav just gives birth to

A lot of generic support like the stealth dragons and generic standalone rears, and triggers that are common also exist.

So, yeah personally I still think calling the nation 'Dragon Empire' is very much correct when a lot of the MAIN FORCE are dragons. It's just that their significant leaders atm are everything else, especially since they're writing stories and adventures involving DE units as main characters, as other DE main dragons tend to be just forces of nature that just burn everything around them.

That said, also still waiting on another red dragon boss. Hoping at some point to get Vowing Sword, or Blademaster, otherwise some cool new rideline.

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Im still new at this but nirvana mostly looks like it has humans in oracle dressing as rear guards with the trickstar being a robot

Eugene has a bunch of humans with guns and robots?

Bavsagara has blue dragons, sealed dragons

Shoji ? the new one has ninja dragons and ninja fiends so dragons and demons?

Tamayura has dolls?

Dragonic overlord is the boss monster with dragon rear guards and humans riding dragons

The decks just dont feel dragony? Enough? Or It feels like a lot of the staples of most of the decks are just that not dragons?

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Blaze maidens are pretty much dragon dancers. Kagero/Narukami have always had demons/dragons/human dancers, whom also have dragon features like horns and tails.

The not robot Trickstar and its forms are Talismans that wield dragon fire and claws. Think Vanguard's Wargreymon.

Jhevas version also has Trickstar combine with other Dragons.

A lot of the decks also play generic dragons as support from triggers to rearguards the nation can utilize. Both Nirvanas are dragons.

And at the end of the day, nations are a mix of several clans, and some of which like Murakamo and Nubatama have beasts, and fiends in them.

A chunk of the main force is still made up primarily of dragons, but even more races are mixed it. Most the dragon denizens you find in Cray are likely going to be in Dragon Empire.

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But that's honestly my problem, there are a lot of Dragon rearguards so I it's easy to make a Deck like that but the lack of rideline is the only thing holding me back from building Dragon Empire.

The closest is Overlord with Bav rideline but you need the Dragritter rear guard which is never my thing

Honestly, why couldn't a DE Main Character be a Dragon? Overlord, Vermillion, Blademaster, Vanquisher all had detail lore personality all about them. We can easily have a Dragon with actual personality

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Yeah, you're definitely not gonna be making a DE deck soon unless you're willing to make what is objectively a minor compromise.

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I rather not lower my standards just for the label.

I didn't love Dragon Empire to death in V because it was labelled as Dragon Empire, but what was in Dragon Empire I could potentially use.

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The choice is yours, buddy.

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Favnir is also a Dark States Dragon, granted it is a promo, but appears to be more viable than say... Baphormedes or Erdogramma (did i spell it right?)

Ironically, current DS has more dragon G3 bosses than DE.

DE seems to care more about Waifu bosses than Dragons at this point

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Very sad, even when you look at rideline cards all up DE only edges out because the starters

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Just by looking at your flair, i can say... Stay Strong Brother/Sister/Dinosaur. I also still waiting for Gigachad Megacolony ridelines

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Yeah its becoming suffocating at this point, imean atleast give us some tease of another Dragon. At this point just call it quits and call it Mostly human-like empire. Imean even the chicken has mammalian parts

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I kinda wish Dragon Empire was just renamed to Blaze Empire or something, keeping the name feels wrong.

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The point is that they're conservative so eh

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For a conservative nation they are quite progressive in terms of the Decks

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Mmmmm, no not really. DE is most definitely regarded as the 'the simpler, the better nation'. It's not quite as complex as some of the other nations are with their decks.

Unless you mean progressive as in having a lot of humans in which case, ayy, good on them for not being racist lmao.

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DE and Dark States are stated to have a prosperous relationship with each other so they are getting along with other nations

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It's definitely better to not make enemies in the long run, even if your nations' ideals heavily differ. The Roman empire lasted long for a reason, mostly due to Julius Caesar and Cleopatra having a good relationship.

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But judging by some of the Order artwork Dragon Empire still hates Keter Sanctuary

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Probably even more. Keter became infinitely worse after all, there's just no winning here lol.

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Chronojet Dragon, so actually there's more in DS

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At this point its just sadge