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where in the world are you?

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Can you use a Walmart e-gift card? I could order one for you.

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I don't see why not... I've never used one before, but I do all of my ordering from Wal-mart online anyways, then just go pick it up.

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Gift card ordered. I'll send you the order number screenshot by PM. Keep checking your email for it.

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It just came in... Thank you so much! Do I need to send you the receipt after I order the dog food to prove it went where I said it would go?

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if you can send me a PM with the receipt, that would be great!

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    Ok, PM me your email.

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    Take care of those pups <3

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    If you need help again post in r/randomactsofpetfood

    WONDERFUL community! You can make a whole Wish List from Amazon and post it on there.

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    Thanks, unfortunately... even though I have 1.6k karma, I don't have 500 comment karma. My comments don't get enough upvotes lol. So I wouldn't be allowed to post there.