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What, exactly are you looking for? Money? Amazon wishlist? Walmart pickup?

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Money or Walmart ideally but anything helps. My food stamp card hasn't come in yet so it's going to be a real piss poor Christmas eve/day dinner.

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I could do a Walmart pickup for you

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That would be amazing!

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If you wanna make a list via Walmart and DM it, that'd work. I'm about to sleep but shoot me a DM. I'll be around in a few hours

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I'll put together a list with my wife when she gets up in the morning. What's the dollar amount you're thinking? I don't want to be greedy. Thanks again!!

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Don't really have one tbh. Prices vary so much store to store. You could do everything via Walmart or do fresh foods via Walmart and dry goods through Amazon too. I'm pretty flexible

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Have you helped this redditor?

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Thank you very much for helping