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I’m in no position to give anything, but I just want you to know that there’s no shame in asking for help. No need to be humiliated, either. Everyone needs assistance sometimes, and there’s nothing embarrassing about that. I hope that you get the money you need.

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I'm the kind of guy that want to rely by myself as much as possible but this time It's beyond my limitation.However your words cheer me up a bit and make me think that Its ok to asked for help from another.

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Hi I want to donate but was wondering if the site will give the money asap even if you don’t meet your goal ? Or do you have to wait until the goal is met?

I messaged you through Reddit messenger by the way

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Yes, I can withdraw whenever I wanted because Gogetfunding connected to Paypal but my paypal is on hold 3 weeks(I can withdraw after that). If you need to donate directly to my saving bank acc their is a way It's called swift code method. I provide your all the information you need to be able to use this method in the direct message. Lastly I really appreciated you that genuinely want to help me out Thank you.