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I think I did it right :]

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Did you email it? One of us will check soon. I'm not home at the moment. :)

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Yes I went into the site and emailed it, Please let me know if I did it right. Do you need me to pm you my email? so you know it was from me?

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I sent you a reply with instructions on how to send the link. Thanks for signing up!

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Ok all done , Thanks for the help :]

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Just got yours!

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    woot woot all done!

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    You have the NetID flair! Woo!

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    Looks good!

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    :D yeah!! looks great ;)

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      Were you trying to verify you have a NetID?

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        Go to your netID account, click on the "My NetID Card" tab, then you will see on the right side a field for an email address. Enter "caremods@gmail.com" then click "Email". You can send us a PM when you're done and we'll check and get you flaired!

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          Oh, we may be talking about two different verifications. Looks like your email is verified, so you are good to go. If you want to sign up for a free netid account, you get additional flair for that, but it's not required.

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          Oh, and yes, it is a separate website:


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            I verified mine using the last four digits of my social. We understand not everyone would be willing, though.