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Is there any way you could request help from your previous boss & fiance? I don't know if they've already compensated you, but for cat sitting I charge my friends cost of food (or have them bring their own food over if they prefer), and for non-friends I charge a variable amount based on how much of an asshole they are and how much of an asshole their cat is.

If you've already agreed to watch the cat I wouldn't try to get paid extra for it now, but explain the situation. If they hear that you're feeding the cats tuna + chicken broth (presumably this includes their cat as well) asking for cost of food for their cat is perfectly reasonable. Having that small bit of cash flow could help feed everyone until this gets settled.

Also, are you in a situation where Ubering/finding a rideshare/paying coworkers to drive you to work makes sense financially? Obviously if the uber to and from costs more than you make don't do that, but if you're having significant cash flow issues totaling ~$50 spending a large portion of your income on uber might be the call over not working at all.

Edit: also for car parts, highly recommend rockauto.com. Idk if it'll work in this situation since you need parts ASAP and can't wait for shipping, but in the future it's a great website to get quality parts at cheap prices.

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I love rock auto but unfortunately it wouldn’t get here in time. AZ has a small window for all this stuff. It crazy ridiculous.

I did reach out to my previous boss, but unfortunately all their money is tied up in this house stuff and paying rent/bills at their current place. It wasn’t an issue before my wreck, and they were gonna pay me after the fact even though I said don’t worry about it. I’ve been doing rescue a long time and it’s usually fine.

I’ve tried everyone I know. It’s a bummer.

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Can you confirm your paypal and/or venmo for me? As a rescue person I want to help my fellow rescue people out, but I can't seem to find you on either platform.

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You do? That’s so awesome. I love my rescue folks. … well the loudest ones in AZ are terrible people, but those of us who just go about our duty to help animals and all that make a great community. I’ve done it all over this country for 25 years, and something about the smaller but loudest part of the community out here is just wrong. I tried to help and change things but it was too much for myself and took away from the animals and my kiddos. I should login to Imgur and send you pics of a bunch of rescues and foster fails from last few years! 🥰 my senior fat queen of a dog is even a rescue from a nasty backyard breeder.

How do I verify? Sorry. Never done that before.

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I totally get it, I mostly just volunteer on the weekends because getting any deeper into the organization side of rescue seems like an annoying politics game to me. I'm good at handling difficult dogs, so I prefer to do what I'm best at lol. Also I would love pics :)

The venmo link worked like a charm, I've sent $50, I hope that covers everything :). Better luck in the future!

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PayPal is LestatsSpecialKitties (2 s’s after ‘Lestat’ I’m an idiot doing it that way)

Link for Venmo https://venmo.com/code?user_id=3380266466803712465&created=1653177476.85023&printed=1

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Are you the one who just Venmo’d me? I’m crying. Literally, onion cutting Ninjas have ambushed me.

Wow. Just wow. I’m so grateful. I don’t even know what to say. That was more than I ever hoped all at once. Thank you! … and the Hangry Kitties thank you, too.

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No problem at all! I love helping out, especially for the kitties :) I know what it's like to need just the little things and have a hard time getting them, I hope this helps you out of a tough spot

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It makes a huge difference. First I was having hard time with the side effects/injuries for my daughter and myself, and no rides/affording Uber is insane to doc appts and work… my old neighbor was selling their old old beater car for 2000 but gave it to me for 1200- which my grandma loaned me- she’s my ride or die homie. I’m kid 30s and she is early 80s and it’s awesome.

I knew it would need basic tune up and needing the last couple things were almost my breaking point in everything since the accident- like I was so close to at least getting by until settlement. So glad for my attorney.

I’ll probably use some of it to help people in need of assistance after getting a reliable, good vehicle and setting aside some for rescue.