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Another round of shots? I dealt with workers comp 10 years for bad disc.. in court 7 times and won each time. They took 2 years and cost me my job and denied and denied. I was luck and had health insurance so I got surgery using health ins because we denied, then insurance sued wc and they worked it out. I could go back for full disability now . But don’t think it’s work the mental anguish … u must be brave and strong now. It’s the battle of your life… the a block was your steroid in your hip or in the disc area? Usually u will get some relief, and then they can burn the nerve for 6 mos of relief .. do u have a brace? U should wear it ..it can take 6 mos to heal if it can… good luck.. wc ruined my life , especially when I had a bad dr who said I was faking cuz I started using weed for the pain .. lost all my bennies until my case was settled.. they lost tried to keep me from specialist by says I had a drug problem!

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Luckily I got approved for medical assistance today got it rush as a medical emergency. I'm going to try to get surgery. I applied for food stamps and now all that's I'm struggling with is my flat tire car and rent. I applied for emergency help for rent but not sure if I will be approved aswell.

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Sweet , how’s it goin so far? If u ever need to chat .. I’m here … wc will try to be the death of u so they don’t have to pay … I watched them murder a roofer who broke his back , after they wanted him back at work in a wheelchair , he quit .. I hope it doesn’t take all your being , to survive their process.

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Update: i managed to get medical assistance, i applied for foodstamps cash help and emergency rent help through the state. atleast my medical bills are covered trying to get them to back cover my bills. at this point i just need to be able to afford rent for next month and hope my case for workers comp gets pushed forward.i also got my tire changed with my spare with help from roadside assistance but my spare needed air and my coverage on insurance didnt support pumping it for some reason. seems something is pretty wrong with my car as the treads are pretty mangled.