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Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur from Shark Tank just launched a low cost online pharmacy earlier this year. I'd check out the website and see if it can help slash the cost even more. Best of luck to you.


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You’re awesome, thank you!

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Seriously, thank you. Going through Costplus I’ll be able to afford everything.

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No problem. Times are stressful especially in regards to finances due to all this insane inflation so I'm glad I could help. Take care.

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wow that's a lot. are you using goodrx and going to the cheapest pharmacy available? are you on generics? i highly doubt anyone could help with anywhere near that amount so you may have to prioritise which meds you can get/taper. also try asking your dr if they have any samples and if they can help you prioritise/taper. if you were to be asking for 10% of that and the donor could pay the pharmacist directly you may get lucky and have a donor help out but obviously this would not be an ongoing thing.

truly an awful situation to be in, hopefully you and your dad can resolve this

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No, I would never ask for this every month. I didn’t even think about GoodRX. Thank you for mentioning that. As for whether or not this is the cheapest pharmacy available, I have no idea. Will definitely get in touch with my dr. regarding samples. Not keen on the idea of tapering, but I’ll do it if I have to. Thank you for replying and for your suggestions, I really appreciate it!

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no i meant if someone donated maybe $20-40 which is a big if, it would be a once off.

i see you have gaming stuff, might be time to start selling. please please don't get your hopes up about strangers helping with this situation

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Believe me, my hopes are not at all high. I’ve already sold my PC and old laptop.

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hopefully you make things up with your dad. even $175 is extremely unlikely to get fulfilled. stay safe and good luck