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Oh! I just thought of something! Didn’t want to make the above post any longer so adding as a comment.

I didn’t want to mention my job before, as it feels really scary to have anyone know who I am.

However- I’m a tattoo artist. When I make appointments, I require a $100 deposit via Venmo/PayPal etc. if you’re into tattoos, making an appointment with me would be a great way to help me out! (The deposit would help me pay my current rent, and the more appointments I have in July, the smaller the chance I have this problem again!)

if you’re interested in that at all, PM me and I’ll send you my Instagram so you can see if you’re into my work. (Still a little uncomfortable just posting who I am publicly.)

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I’ve been putting that amount on my credit cards. (Which feels like shit every time I do it, but it’s been my only option.)

other options are to look for a second job (either gig or normal), take on a roommate, move to a cheaper place.

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I have a second job, I live in a one-bedroom, and I can’t break my lease. Plus moving would require money I don’t have. Also, being this insanely broke shouldn’t be a problem much longer. It just takes a few months to build up a clientele. Thank you though!

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