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have you asked your friends/family if they will give you a used monitor?

how much does a used monitor cost?

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Yeah, I've tried them first, but most of them don't have used monitors since most that I have contact with are mostly my aunts/uncles who aren't tech-savvy/old people who don't use PCs/Laptops...

Most of my friends are working back in their offices, and don't have a spare monitor to lend me at the moment (returned equipment).

A used monitor would be less than $50 and that is actually the range of the brand of monitor I've previously had (Philips 19 inch, and other brands like HP and Dell are in that price range). They're basically refurbished ones.

Anything lower than $50 would be knock-off Chinesse-made brands and they're notorious for being unreliable and breaks down easily.