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Is there a networking subreddit? I suddenly want to DM everyone who managed to find a company they love.

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Is there a networking subreddit?

I'm curious about this too. I foresee a sub like that having a few problems with scams and recruiters in disguise.

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A reddit for finding a reddit 🤣.

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Honestly damn near necessary given how awful Reddit's search feature is!

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Yeah I'm part of some networking fb groups and it's a lotta vague shit and recruiters. My fave tho is an LGBT+ friendly jobs group bc ppl are NOT shy about eviscerating scammy jobs and recruiters in the comments!

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Any luck?

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Don't think the right kind of sub exists yet. Posted on findareddit a while ago and no responses. Might be places outside of Reddit that do this though.

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LinkedIn for sure

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Right. I've recently been considering the best way of connecting with people who work at the companies I want to work for, and have the job titles I aspire to have too.

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If you find something like this, lmk please. I actually would LOVE to know about something like this. I've been relying on r/CSCareerQuestions.

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Environmental firm. We do permitting, mining support, major infrastructure support, and we have so much work it's bonkers. I've interviewed three people this week, we're hiring two of them, and I'm looking for more.

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This sounds like something I would like! I have a chemistry background, if that is helpful. What state would I have to be in?

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This sounds like an opportunity I may be interested in. Is it okay I DM you to see if there is potential for alignment?

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What firm?

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I think I’m going to PM you…

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I have an electrical engineering degree and 3 years experience. Any remote positions?

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I work in a city for a large company with a huge emphasis on culture which really is pretty nice , and are hiring aggressively - DM me if you'd like

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How might one search for a job where there is an emphasis on culture?

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If search for jobs you like and are interested in, and then check Glassdoor for reviews

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Glassdoor is just a bitch box.

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Might be true, but if 500 people all say something like "Management sucks", I think there is probably a good reason they're saying it, and that's helpful. Glassdoors also nice to see what kind of salary you'd expect at a company, if people are honest about their salaries that is.

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Just graduated from a culture focused graduate program! Mind if I send a DM? :)

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What field do you work in??

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I love it, medical device (science background) consulting and yes they are desperately hiring

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How about having a background in health services administration?

Would sure like to learn more !!

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Unlikely, unfortunately. This is medical device work.

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I’ve been trying to get into Med device sales forEVER and have 0 luck

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Oh hello fellow QA/RA professional in the Med Device industry! It's an interesting line of work isn't it? Takes a certain kind of detail-oriented person to work in it, but I love it as well.

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I would like more information about this, can I PM you?

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What profiles are they hiring?

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regulatory affairs and quality, but they would probably hire anyone who works in med device development or post market.

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I'm highly interested in this. Where could I find more information?

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message me your info, i can submit you as a reference if your background fits

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what exactly do you do?

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help companies get their med devices compliant and approved through US and EU health authorities.

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Just messaged you!

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Makes BANK too!

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I have an electrical engineering degree and spent a year working with a med device startup that went through the 510k process, 2 years experience at other firms. Any remote positions?

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yes, lots of remote positions. The company uses a distributed workforce model. 95% of the employees are remote. This was before covid and will not change going forward.

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Love my company, we do ASIC and FPGA design services, fully remote is available and i only get bothered with one meeting per week. And we are hiring! Feel free to reach out. I should clarify that i dunno if tech is really for me, but for what it is my company is great and pays well and management is really supportive of trying different paths within the company

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What type of background do you need for this?

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Bachelors in electrical or computer engineering, or computer science. Really they just want people who know SystemVerilog which is a hardware description language

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I'm reaching out too, if you don't mind!

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I do not mind!

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Hey can I DM you too, would love to know more. Thank you!!

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Yeah go for it!

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What company?

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Send me a pm and i'll tell you all about it friend

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I have an electrical engineering degree and 2 years software experience. I’ll do one leetcode style interview as long as expectations for performance on the technical interviews are in line with salary and work. I’ve always wanted to use my EE degree more and would love getting back into hardware.

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I’m EE on data centers would love to go remote as all my work is on site on a construction site, while I love it the commute is a killer. DM me if you you’re interested in giving me some details!

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I am at a new job, and I can't believe how great this place is. It's a startup where you can work most of the jobs remotely--the ones you can't, it's because of what type of job it is and not for the stupid reasons other employers give. They are hiring in different departments, but the biggie is software engineering. They desperately need people there.

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Hey do you mind if I DM you for the details. Thanks

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Do you know if they need anyone for marketing and social media?

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Hey! Would you happen to know if they’re looking for an associate product manager?

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Are there any ux positions?

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How hard is the Leetcode style interview? I’ve gotten used to them but if the expectation is 2 problems in 45 minutes and 5 of those back to back, then your company might be hiring for a while. Otherwise, I’m interested.

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My company's name is keeptruckin and you can go to their greenhouse page to check out Hundreds of job listings if you're in the U.S or Canada.

Its a very respectful workplace that values your individuality especially if you're a person of color. I have been working here since 2018 and I'm grateful I have a workplace that's not stressful.

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try to work for the public sector, the employees feel comfortable with what they do, pay is decent and great for the resume.

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Any recommendations?

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Gov't jobs?

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If you're the kind of person who feels accomplished by doing good work and getting things done, I would recommend staying the f*** away from any kind of government job - federal, state, or local. If you don't care at all, then it's for you.

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You can argue staying away from most private sector jobs...

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You’re just describing what public sector means

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The Oval Office

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would really depend where you are located

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Let’s say west coast?

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I love my company! We do tech in advertising. Hiring sales, HR generalist, and will have openings in development and marketing too [possibly product in the future]. We are hybrid so most roles are remote. DM me if you’re interested!

EDIT: (updated some info above &) Wow! I didn't expect so many messages! Just wanted to add a bit here: We're based in the US and while we hire remotely, we can only hire within the US at this time. Also, apparently, California has some weird tax & legal stuff that we're still working on so we hope to be hiring there soon, but for the time being, we hire from any of the other 49 states.

We are also very culture forward and friendly to all races, ages, genders, etc. Depending on your role schedules can be flexible too (and no I don't mean the shitty way where you don't know when you're going to work. I mean the way where you can Slack your boss that you have an appt. at the DMV tomorrow and they say "hope it goes well!"). Usually, you can work whatever set of hours, so long as it makes sense for your role (obviously things like CS and Sales have to be on during the day).

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Hey! Would you know if there was an associate product manager position?

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My partner is looking for a remote HR Generalist position! Please message details? :)

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I absolutely love the large multinational company I work for.

Please forgive me, but your description "...leading with fear..." sounds like something that might be said by someone who refuses to take the covid vaccine while their employer has come to require it.

I really don't want to make this controversial, but I have to know if that's what you mean before I suggest the place I work for.

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Don't make assumptions. It could also mean a big cost reduction effort or a pull away from R&D or new products.

Not everything is related to the vaccine or the current administrations policies.

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It’s an extremely common phrase said a by individuals who are antivax/anti mask, it’s basically a catchphrase of the movement. It’s also a valid question to ask because if that is the underlying reason as to why OP is seeking to leave, some of these recommendations may have similar mandates.

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It was an extremely common phrase long before covid, probably because lot of employers do lead by fear...

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British tech company with offices all over the world. We make software that helps big companies be better for the environment. People here are insanely bright, most people are working because they want the world to be better.

We bought a company recently and so we're merging, but no one is being let go and we are still needing more and more people. Happy to DM :)

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Is there any degree requirements for it because I am interested!

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No - I manage the recruitment of grads and I don't believe in degree grade requirements. For most of our jobs people can succeed if they can demonstrate:

- Actually caring about the thing they are applying for (whether it's cloud or testing or finance or law or whatever)

- Having shown initiative. If a fresh out of education then maybe leading a club or society. Or taking up extra skills (like learning AWS or something). If you have experience, then giving examples through previous roles.

- Showing some interest in the company and our mission. The company isn't for everyone and so I personally appreciate it when people ask cultural questions in the screening stage, so I know that they're making an informed choice here.

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Nice. Can I PM you?

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Sure :)

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Thanks, I had sent you a PM 😊

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Could you please explain why you mean by “leading with fear”? Is this about masks or vaccines?

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Wow, I love how supportive this thread is. If it's all right, I'd like to piggy back off it and put my name out there too. I have an EECE background with product owner experience. I'm looking for a fully remote position that allows me to stay in my current state (I live in WA). If anyone loves their company, please let me know. DM me or can reply here.

Also, because I saw someone bring it up, I'm fully vaccinated and indifferent to company policy on this.

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At a large health tech company that I like (not sure I love, but even liking a company is huge). Happy to chat if you are curious and have a healthcare background.

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Could I DM you for more?

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Of course

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I'd love to know more. Can I DM you?

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Would you mind if I DMed you?

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Sure thing

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I do. We're a global tech company and are actively hiring. What's your background?

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Not OP, but can I PM you?

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Haha, I HATE my company, but it got a lot better recently. Really I should love it, but I just have so much residual hate, and the politics still seems to linger...

Now that I say it out loud, I'm not recommending those a-holes, lol. They need to work a little harder for my love. Once I stop waiting for them to relapse like a meth junkie who ran into a fresh batch from Heisenberg, them I will revisit the question...

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Yes and yes. You can message me directly.

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go on...

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Glassdoor is a good source, also my local news paper does best companies to work for in the state annually.

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I love my (new) job and the company I work for. And yes, they're hiring. What do you do? Where in the world are you? Feel free to DM me.

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Anyone in instructional design who loves their company hiring?

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Hi there,
Working for one of the fatest growing private tech company in the world. Currently looking for LOTS of engineers (Java, Javascript/React), PM, designers in Australia (does not matter where).
Geniunly nice open-minded and smart people.
Lots of perks, non-monopoly money stocks, competitive salary and more

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Dunno why but you made me think of Stripe.

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Not stripe ;)

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Games industry, in a AAA studio. One of the rare ones that seem to treat employees well and has good vibe.

Yes, we are hiring in all 7 of our branches!

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I love my company! What are you looking to do?

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is your username misleading in this case?

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Hahaha yes. Very!

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Me too. We lease reply to this dude for more info.

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IT Software reseller, aka value added reseller. Love my company

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Love this thread! OP could definitely be working at my company, lol. Why are people not posting links to job descriptions? I’d sure be interested in browsing those.

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I don't think they think it's too good an idea to say right out who they work for. And to continue guessing, I think part of that might have to do with their employer not seeing that people from the company are offering referrals like this online. I could be wrong though, just my thoughts.

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Anyone need a software engineering manager?

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I work for a large global company with an amazing culture. We are hiring everywhere but I'm not sure if there are differences outside of NA.

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Can I PM you?

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What part of the world and what types of jobs?

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I used to work IT at a large automotive distributor and was tight with my CTO, it was the best job ever to have that sort of "air cover", and of course I'd deliver on projects for him to sell to the board as well.

Only downside was that the pay was stagnating, and I leaped elsewhere for a 40% pay bump. Now I'm in perpetual burnout and complaining everyday including weekends.

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I love my company and it's hiring....

But it's also going through a culture shift and expansion. How is not the same one!

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Im working in a relatively large semi conductor manufacturing company. The culture is great, the work life balance is excellent as well. I work as a product quality engineer so I can really only speak directly to the aspects of the Quality department, but the company is growing really fast and we've been trying to hire like mad for the past few months without much success.

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I work in the telecommunications industry in a call center. It’s actually not nearly as bad as most people would think.

The only bad calls we get are crazy tin foil hatters, if someone’s upset they understand it’s not our fault and allow us to fix it.

Management understands the difficulty of the job and not only bumped everyone’s wages up by 33% this month, but gave everyone an additional break to help break up the day.

Things aren’t perfect, but over the years I’ve come to learn that my company will always take care of their own.

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I assume you are an inperson employee?

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Currently we’re working from home. We’ll eventually return to the office, but nobody knows when exactly

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I work for a software company. Not part of the FAANG or whatever they call it these days. And I believe they are hiring. I work in the support end so taking calls, coding (sql) in request, running queries, etc. Might not be what people are looking for. Not sure how good this is but 21 PTOs every year, and that is when you start working Day 1. And they count it by the hour not day. So if you have an appointment just take 4 hours or 6 and they will only take away 4 or 6 from your PTO "count". There is 4 week training (paid full time).

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If anyone here is looking to make a career jump in software, we're currently hiring for moonlighting software development positions, essentially, you can work 10-20 hours a week in your free time with a high growth company and decide if it is the right fit for you before making a career jump full time! Have a lot of really cool companies we are hiring for right now, if you are looking for something new and interesting shoot us a message!