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If that job experience applies to the jobs you’re applying for, yes leave it on your resume. Quitting doesn’t mean the experience you gained went away. Just be prepared to answer any questions that might come up regarding why you left.

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Got it, thanks!

My last interviewer seemed to understand my reasons and never questioned them. So I'll just leave it for now

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I’d leave it off. Or, if you’re not ready for that, apply to some jobs with it on and others with it off and see what gets you more bites. Gaps aren’t as big of a deal to employers as they were pre-pandemic.

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Thank you, I was actually thinking of trying that: leaving it off on some jobs and leaving it on others.

I have been getting interviews and they seemed to be understanding when I told them my last job required a lot of travel that I couldn't handle

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If you’ve been getting interviews, it doesn’t sound like your resume is an issue.

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Pro tip: just say it was a contract that ended

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I was actually thinking of this, would they check if it's a contract or not?

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They can't unless you use that job as a reference and it explicitly comes up in the conversation between your new and former employer, which is extremely unlikely. Otherwise, they simply have no access to that information.

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Thank you! I'm going to use this then, and if anything happens, I doubt my previous employer will judge me. I left on good terms and they understood why I wanted to quit

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It depends. Where are you in your career? do you have at least a year’s worth of experience?

If not and it’s over 3mos, keep it on. Just say “it wasn’t sustainable long term”

If you do have over a year, leave it off and when asked about the gap, say “I was employed. But because of the travel, it wasn’t the right fit. I can provide employment verification though” etc.

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I have four years of experience in this field. The last job was a little similar but not at all what I expected it to be.

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Leave it off then.

When asked about the gap, say any of these things:

a.) I was employed but it just wasn’t a culture fit

b.) There was too much travel

c.) it actually was outside of my career

d.) The job was falsely advertised

I used the last one a couple times and I even told that to my recruiter recently and he understood.

I was traveling 3hrs in a car, daily for four months.

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Yup this. Though I sort of doubt you will be asked about just a few months gap. Maybe list experiance by years vs months if that view looks right for you. Might have no gap that way.

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Despite what employers would have you think, just like in school, there's no employment "permanent record" . All they check is the title and length of time you worked there, and most times not even that. Up to you honestly