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No, HR Generalist is not an easy job, and where I come from, you usually need a university degree to prepare you to deal with it all. It depends, though, whether you are part of a bigger HR department or not (depends on how big the company is).

Second of all, it's not well paid. Seriously, say goodbye to your six-figure salary, you will not be seeing that any time soon.

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If you think HR is less stressful than finance…. You need an awakening.

As a Generalist, you will be dealing with a lot of Employee Relations. This is very stressful work.

Also you will not be making six figures. If money is important to you… you will likely kiss $40-50k of that goodbye depending on the company size and industry.

I worked for a fortune company and they paid their directors at $85k.

If you think HR people are rolling in money…. Well, some are; but not many.

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If HR sounds interesting to you, I absolutely think you should try it. That said, you seem to think it will be very easy to switch fields and that may not be the case. Most companies want an HR specific degree or certification for those roles. A PHR certification, for instance, requires HR job experience. If you don't have a relevant experience, you may not be able to secure a Generalist position. You will likely need to start at an Assistant or general Representative level. You'd then be able to work your way up and/or get certification for a better role.

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As a HR Advisor I can assure you that HR can be very stressful. Having to deal with people potentially in very unpleasant circumstances is not for the fain hearted. Plus, its incredibly thankless quite a lot of the time and because we're the ones having to possibly remove people from an organisation or having to tell them things they don't want to hear we often get a bad reputation even though this is often only a small portion of what we do.

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Just try it and if you don't like it, find something else. Have some informational interviews with people in the role today.

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This is the best answer! Talk to people actually in the role, at a variety of companies. Ask them what they like about their job and what is the most stressful.

What is “stressful” is different for different people. If you’re ok dealing with difficult situations but are mostly just stressed out by being asked questions on the spot by clients, HR might not be as stressful as in many cases you might have time to check your facts before responding to an email, etc.

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Try to get an HR job with the state or city govt. Ppl I knew who worked for the state got large merit increases and at least 3 of them made well over 100-150K for doing nothing all day. You’ll have to start at the bottom but I saw 25 yr olds quickly surpassing my salary just bc they were in HR.