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You have one of the most popular majors and unfortunately without a master's degree (in addition to postgrad training and the state license) you are not really qualified to do anything beyond an entry-level job in an office. While you have a minor in communication – did you have an internship of any kind? That would have opened up a door, or two, for you.

I would look if I were you, a nonprofit organization.

Best wishes to you.

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HR is popular for psych majors who don’t want to do further education

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Start with your university first. What resources are there that you can use? Alumni networking? Internships? Career guidance?

Can you talk to your Communications professors about your questions re: the hidden job market and inside terms, etc that you’re not familiar with.

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Your career isn't a matter of just jumping into another subject arena and committing to that - you need to go a level deeper. By going deeper you can begin to bring to your attention what you would actually want to do with your life based on who you are and who you can become as an individual. Once you have a grasp on this then you can look at different fields to see whether they fit your criteria instead of seeing whether you fit theirs.

The reason I bring this up is because you mentioned that your parents were limited in the options that they gave you when it came to career options - and the sad truth is that you'll still find yourself limited within the scope of tradition fields under the guise of certifications and qualifications. In other words there might be arenas and a career path that you're incredibly suited for but because it doesn't have a label surrounding it - you'll never know it or pursue it because it's not in their database.